Versailles Part 1

One of my favorite films would be Marie Antoinette (2006) directed by Sofia Coppola. I just love how she directed the film based on her point of interest. A little bit of information here (we all loved history right?) Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna, known as Marie Antoinette (2 November 1755 - 16 October 1793) was the last Queen of France before the French Revolution takes place and that's pretty much about it! After watching this quite interesting film, I just realize that Palace of Versailles is actually a cool place to visit. I've always had a thing for a royal history background based kinda film. The Last Emperor is also one of it.

Back in 2015, I've got a chance to visit this incredibly huge and beautiful garden of Versailles & now becoming obsessed with it! Here is some of the photos from my last visit to The Palace of Versailles plus some of my favorite images of Marie-Antoinette's estate and one of a kind, Petite Trianon. I also did 'comeback' to Versailles because I just fell in love with the surroundings and all of its beauty. The whether is not that hot and not too cold, perfect!

I've heard that if you've already experienced or travelled in certain countries then it's done. For me, you have to experience more of it if you want to understand the beauty and all of its glory. It's good to be back here again in the grand palace when there is not so many people around and to observe every single detail of the paintings, the rooms, the stairs and everything seems to be quite magical. The garden is impeccably beautiful with lots of pre-historic statues-placed at certain angles around the garden and lots of water fountains! Walking all the way through the Grand Canal is pretty amazing! You have to explore at least 2 or 3 days and by then satisfaction is guaranteed.

Honestly, 2 days are good enough starting with the main palace, then walks through the gardens and groves (The Orangerie & The Hundred Steps Stairways- not to be missed) and end's up your journey to the Marie Antoinette's estate. You need to plan your journey here because you don't want to waste your time plus missed any single important 'check points'. They also have this quite handy-map for visitors, good for discovering hidden garden in the gardens. Petit Trianon is one of my favorite because it holds tender memories of Queen Marie Antoinette, who made it her refuge from the pomp and circumstance of the court. It's quite huge as well with its own private garden! It's a good choice to have a picnic here! Again, it's a must-visit palace's if you're in town-Paris.

From the main city, around Zone 1, it takes roughly 45 minutes to reach Versailles via train called RER line C. No free entrance for people like me (tourist), you have to pay like 11 Euro (RM55.00) just to hang out inside the garden ONLY. The main Palace of Versailles around RM60++ if I'm not mistaken. If you want to experience more of it (All main entrance with different fees and student at discounted price) total would be twenty-ish something Euro, around RM100++ (for a single day). For other fees, just simply visit their website. It is not that expensive, simply worth the amount of money you paid. I will definitely coming back for more adventures and with more stunning images from Versailles. Until next time, Love

Christian Dior Couturier du Rêve Part 4 (Grand Finale)

Salam. Berikut merupakan gambar-gambar dipenghujung exhibition Christian Dior Couturier du Rêve yang sememangnya tersangat exclusive kerana ianya diadakan setiap 30 tahun sekali. Exhibition yang seterusnya kene tunggu the next 30 years! Hopefully lepas nie Balenciaga pulak yang buat exhibition. Bila kita mengharapkan sesuatu yang baik, pasti ianya akan menjadi. Percayalah, dugaan yang kita hadapi didunia ini sebenarnya secara tak langsung membuka mata kita untuk melihat dengan lebih jauh dan kehadapan.


Christian Dior Couturier du Rêve Part 3

In order to satisfy my love of architecture and clean-cut design, I wanted my dresses to be "constructed", to be moulded to the contours of the female body, stylizing its curves. Christian Dior