Sandra Azwan Resort 2015/16 Debut Menswear Collection. All by special order. Visit sandraazwan.com for further details.
~Exclusive review by Dewi Joko @freakydewi

When it comes to fashion, one would imagine various cliques and themes that each designs would belong to. There are the wild avant-garde, the moderate temperament, minimalist, uber modern designs, only to name a few. I, typically would expect some sort of impractical exaggeration, designs that served as a mean of self-expression while excluding the basic necessities when it comes to clothing line.

Therefore when I first gazed upon Sandra Azwan’s Resort 2015/16 Menswear collection, I was pleasantly surprise by the lack of exaggeration and no less amazed by the bold, empowering essence that each designs effortlessly bring forth.

At the first look, my views were pulled at the panelling that seems to channel pivotal course in the design itself. While, it has been done before in his previous work, Sandra Azwan proves to be unpredictable while maintaining his very own fashion DNA. When asked of the things that inspire him in this particular collection, Sandra Azwan had confessed of his love for architecture and the joy of meticulously fusing different elements together, giving birth to a greater definition from the coalescing inspiration.

The composition of carefully constructed panels into the fabric are no easy feat, given that each lines and borders are intricately sewed to create a lean architectural designs with brazen colours, melding opposites theme together which lead to a stupendous blend of firm gravity and a sense of gallantry, enhanced by geometric boundaries. The abstract mechanism in these designs most certainly unravelling as it is not possible to look past these designs and brush it off as something merely unusual.

In a fast forward world where men are dominated by the need to be outstanding or to fight against the odds in life, these designs embodied the free spirits of an intellectual modern day warrior that would ensure one who wears it are brimming with confidence. It is needless to say that the term Athleisure is most certainly en pointe with Sandra Azwan’s resort 2015/16 Menswear collection.

Text by Dewi Joko @freakydewi

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