EH! Magazine October Special Issue!

Fashion Flash
Behind The Scenes...with Sandra Azwan!;-)
Eh! Magazine 15 Years Anniversary October Issue!
Eh! Magazine has always been my favorite local magazine. I'm so happy to be featured as one of the designers in this special issue. Special thanks to Eh! Fashion writer, 'Kak Yana' who's always believe in me and my designs. Grab a copy of  your own Eh! Magazine October 2014 issue when its out!
In this picture, i'm trying to be 'Cool' as possible....haha.
'Kanda, jangan tinggalkan adinda' kinda pose!
Happy Anniversary Majalah Eh! Da bomb!


fei said...

Sandra, I love that jacket. How to buy it?

sYiRa LoKMaN said...

makin hebat !