Home sweet home

Hello! Just a few ‘not so random’ pictures to share with all of you. Fyi, I’m currently staying at Shah Alam, shifted here from Damansara Perdana over the last 2 weeks. I’m so happy with the house and hopefully everything will turn out great here. It’s a new place, a new spirit; everything is new here including myself! haha.

Let me introduce you to my patung, her name is Ursula! 

You have to create a vision of the world around you in which your best self can live, can grow, even if that means changing it. 
That's all for now! Bye.


Leather means business

Red and Black make a killer combo. 
Are you ready to go edgy?


The city of light


Rosso...tulle of desire

Maremoto di onde
Tempeste di tulle 
Corrente flou fluida
Ali ai piedi....
Rosso sonno, il sonno ...
Vulcanico cono?
 No, rosso atollo da testa

Rosso, tulle di desiderio.....
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with Alison