Up Close and Personal, Style Q&A

Describe your style in 3 words 
Black, relaxed, inspired

What would you never wear 
Animal prints, shocking pink. I’m not into bright colours, it makes me look like a clown. 

Favorite colour/colour combo 
Black and white is so cool and elegant + classic.
Time it takes you to get dressed 
5 minutes. When it comes to my hair, it takes around 30 minutes. I wish I was bald! 

How often do you repeat your outfits 
I don’t mind wearing the same outfits over and over again, as long as it black!

Where do you usually go shopping
I usually go shopping at One Utama and Pavilion.

Things you've bought recently
ZARA kids T-Shirt!
Weekday go-to outfit
 I wear something to suit my mood or any events I may have that day. Nice plain shirt/T-shirt & jeans and maybe with jacket. 

What is your favorite fashion blog/sites, etc…. 
I love so many sites. thestylerookie.com, coutequecoute.blogspot.com, style.com, The crème de la crop, Fifi Lapin, julienhakym.blogspot.com and of course, Life with Sandra!;-)

Your favorite fashion movie
Coco Avant Chanel, The september issue, Seamless, Unzipped
What fashion “don’t” do you see on the street that particularly bothers you 
There is nothing on the street that bothers me. As long as you comfortable wearing something that you like, just go for it. Be creative. Create it. Grab it. Feel it. Be it, and do so knowing that, even if you walk on the street wearing a gold sequin top with a white fur skirt, nobody is judging you. Some people may not even notice you. Just remember that, most people will be enjoying you. Who cares? as long as you’re not naked on the street, you're good to go!

 Inspirational people 
Grace Coddington, Björk, Simon Doonan, Nicolas Ghesquière, Tilda Swinton, Cate Blanchett
What do you find most stylish in a woman
 I am drawn to women with a unique sense of style and the confidence to wear what looks good regardless of trends. Personally, I think it’s the individuality that shows through a woman’s choices that create a stylish woman.

The secret to style 
You have to figure out where you are going and what you have to do and then just go for it. InsyaAllah, it will work out in the end.
Fashion books that you love 
So many! These are my favorites: Eccentric glamour by Simon Doonan, Made for each other by Bronwyn Cosgrave, Savage Beauty-Alexander McQueen

What or who is your main source of inspiration?
Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. I find it from movies, architecture, fabrics, from books and the list goes on. Inspiration knows know bounds. 
Is there anything else you want to add
Fashion and style is a way to express your identity, your passions and your spirits. Style is personal and comes from within. You have to be confident with who you are on the inside before you can ever fully be comfortable presenting yourself to the outside world. Just remember that, there are no rules and anyone can be “in fashion”. Stay true to yourself. Have fun with it. 

 It’s not money that makes you well-dressed, it’s understanding. Christian Dior


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