The Last Witch of Unreality

“The midnight anthem, the embossing shadows, the crimson hollow, the horrid emblem”

Miserable as the harrowing willow tree,
Swaying against the cruelty,
Crushed in odious agony,
Pitiful soul on his knee,

“A chime of humanity, a meagre of decency, a hint of purity” 

 Love, he cannot make,
As the nightfall inclined to take,
Lost souls to harvest
To the devious darkness,

“But where it ends, beginnings always follow,” 

 The screeching clamours of contempt, 
Finally ends, 
This death is heaven send, 
But wait!
 This is not yet the finale,

“I will make of you, a beast of the unfathomable” 

 Whisperings echoes throughout the lonely void,
The darkness bellowed its victory,
Another one is yet to fall,
Another monster is yet to born,
With a roar,
He was reborn,

“Darkness ablaze within sorrow forever burn in hollow”

He cast their world of disdain,
With utmost misery,
Endless tortures,
Eternity of Soledad,
He rise as the witch of the inferno,

“A pact, a promise, a noose” 

 Again, the earth rumbles and tumbles,
The sky will fall,
A voice whispered

“I beseech thee lips, of an oath thy made” 

 His lips parted, 
Horror in his eyes, 
The insidious had taken him. 
The Witch of Unrealities.

Story by Dewi
Design and Art Direction by Julien Hakym
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Namee Roslan said...

unique :D

kakchik@ella said...

Seni lah Sandra. By The Way, lama kc tak singgah sini .. Sandra sehat?

Myra Abdullah said...

quiet scary.hehe

krunch2sa said...

this is ur own piece? WHOA!

Khalilah MNor said...

Sandra, setiap gambar ade feel kinda scary. Memang menjadi... Awesome. Always can't wait the newest post:)

CaDLyNN said...

uiyo..scary pics..nasib baik tgk pagi2..ehehe