through her eyes....
Here, the secrets of taste are about to be revealed. These are my favorite pictures from the book and it makes me smile:-P
Since she is no longer ‘available’ on this world, this is my little tribute in remembering her greatness in the world of fashion. I’m not her biggest fan but as far as I’m concern, she is so great in projecting herself and presenting her weirdness, quirky peculiar looks from day to night. Not many people can do this and pull it together, but she is fearless. From this amazing book, what I see is the real world of fashion through her eyes and there is nothing to compare. She’s not afraid in showing her weirdness because for her that is fashion. Some people might call her crazy Italian old woman, but to me, she is so unique and special. These are the greatest visual reference ever!

Are you inspired?

Synthetically yours Over the years, I have chosen to express myself synthetically. To associate the fashion of the moment with the ideas of the past…with photography, illustration, lettering. In a way that is always different. Invented. Anna Piaggi (1931-2012)


krunch2sa said...

no wonder ur creations sgt awesome....ur inspiration was 1 of d awesomest people!

CaDLyNN said...


iKhRam said...

mcm2 corak dan reka bentuk..

Asyik Izas said...

best inspiration will get best creation..InsyaAllah..;)