Shorts, Boots and Specs!

Steel the look!

Off-white shirt with stain design on it, GAP | Belt, H&M | Khaki Shorts, Brands Outlet. 
Jacket, ENERGIE| inside shirt, +J  -Uniqlo| Black shorts, Brands Outlet

Blue Shirt, Energie
Dark Blue Blazer, H&M| Cap, Cotton On (One Utama)

Black  Leather Boots, French Connection| Specs, curi sekejap from Julien! So, what do you think? Fyi, i'm in LOVE with this boots!
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Calling all FASHION lovers!

+info. By special order?

Please note that Sandra Azwan is specialized in made-to-measure. By sending your complete measurement, you can have a dress that is exclusively custom-made for you at a great  price. The designer itself will contact you for more details on this special offer. Please send us your request “+info.CUSTOM-MADE-DRESS by Sandra Azwan” at sandraazwan@gmail.com for further details.Thank You.

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Follow the line

Vision in White


Blue and Grey Jacket

Blue and Grey Jacket, ZARA man | Cap, Cotton On | Black Shirt, Levi's | Black  Cargo Shorts, Brands Outlet | T-Shirt, ZARA kids |  Black Leather Boots, French Connection (One Utama)


Coral Bay.....

12 Things you have to do in Coral Bay, Pangkor
Take a close-up picture of yourself wearing 'I ❤ PANGKOR' t-shirt and try not to smile.

Climb to the top of the highest 'Mountain' where u can see the entire bay area. 

Mountain climbing...Rock-climbing is just not my cup-of-tea, walk on the rocks is much more easier for me!;-P

While walking on the rocks, sila pandang belakang, it's not safe actually.

Julian had me sit on the rocks, he said,"the bigger the better!". It hurts my back after 16 seconds!

Try to lean on rocks and don't look at the camera. 

Tidak semua suka akan aksi ini, but it was fun.

Try this, pose tahan teksi!

Stand tall & depa-kan tangan! *what is wrong with me?

Try to jump dari satu batu ke batu yang lain. See, i almost terjatuh! Bahaya sebenarnya.....

Try to snap at least satu batang pokok kelapa as close as possible......gambar pokok kelapa is a must while you're on vacation! Julian: This is definitely not pokok kelapa Wan....

'Try to think of something' pose.Please make sure someone take your picture from the back.
My first few days in Coral Bay, Pangkor....niceeee


Thank you Martin Dawber!

Salam semua. I have something to share with all of you and it’s a good one. Macam tak sangka seorang yang berpengaruh didalam penulisan buku-buku berkaitan fashion, design, illustration, dan banyak lagi send me an email regarding on my very own fashion illustration. At first, I was in shock and I couldn’t believe it and then he started to introduce himself briefly and ask me to click on the website that contains all of his amazing books.

You guys can check his profile and his books here. Saya sememangnya menantikan this kind of opportunity and when it happens, it feels so great dan terasa begitu dihargai, maksud saya disini ialah hasil karya yang saya buat selama ini mendapat tempat dihati yang melihat.....KAN?;-P Thank god.

Thank you so much Martin Dawber for this amazing opportunity. Finally, my very own fashion illustration will be featured in his book entitle Complete Fashion Sketchbook by Martin Dawber. They will publish da book at a late Spring/early summer next year. So yay!;-)

THE COMPLETE FASHION SKETCHBOOK will be published in the UK for worldwide distribution by ANOVA BOOKS.



through her eyes....
Here, the secrets of taste are about to be revealed. These are my favorite pictures from the book and it makes me smile:-P
Since she is no longer ‘available’ on this world, this is my little tribute in remembering her greatness in the world of fashion. I’m not her biggest fan but as far as I’m concern, she is so great in projecting herself and presenting her weirdness, quirky peculiar looks from day to night. Not many people can do this and pull it together, but she is fearless. From this amazing book, what I see is the real world of fashion through her eyes and there is nothing to compare. She’s not afraid in showing her weirdness because for her that is fashion. Some people might call her crazy Italian old woman, but to me, she is so unique and special. These are the greatest visual reference ever!

Are you inspired?

Synthetically yours Over the years, I have chosen to express myself synthetically. To associate the fashion of the moment with the ideas of the past…with photography, illustration, lettering. In a way that is always different. Invented. Anna Piaggi (1931-2012)


Fashion is FUN

words that matter | design details, inspiration, fashion trend, research, mood and colour, close-up, demi-couture, love, dark, neutral, muted earth tones, inventive, edgy, baby-doll dress, fashion forward, hide and sleek, fine line, bold, short skirt, smart, imagination, cut-out, supreme precision, technical and construction, draping, simple pretty, control, strong, clean and sharp look, fearless, Ta-da!!