L O VE tale

That day,
My vigor halted by the vision of you,
Haunting eyes, daunting moves,
A danseuse in the midst,
Passion comes to breach,

Benumb, stiffen, stupefied,
By you,
I guard my charms,
Flouncing oblivious act,
Vowed not to succumb to you

Subdued, an inch towards you,
Stalked and preyed,
I for one, a victor,
Brazen by my own conviction,

To the unknown I was taken,
Engulfed with ecstasy,
The common in life?
Your touch, careless caresses,
Oh, how I chased your eyes,
To anchor my souls on yours,

The quiver of your lips,
The shivers on your skin,
The harsh rough edge,
Of what my flesh against you,

As your being,
Laced around mine,
Oh tongue, no words to utter!
Serenade we must!
Of love, of lust,
Of Complete splendor,

Rapture and It captures,
O’ hearts and it breeds love,
As you would say,
Oh they would see!
They too would cast a speech,

To the sphere of fallacy,
We have no regard,
We are the absolute certitude,
Gallant and free,

We are bonded as one,
Though the unspoken future growls,
Though the whispering lips cast its stones,
Not a care deserving,
For we are whole,

Now alight!
I am afire,
Ardent with desire,

Our love flourishes with rasping fury,
Injudicious edict won’t matter now,
Their design, livid and lofty,
Will not pass,

The grandeur of our fusion,
They marveled and glutton for me,
As they busk for tales such as ours,
Gladdened, robust with the inevitable,
Of you and me,

There is no finale,
Hand in hand, milieu of bliss,
Alee to eternity,

L O VE tale by Dewi
behind the scene photos,click



Awesome.. looks like international magazine..

Umie Artoqiemie said...

Panasss ;D

ryeoqidz said...

tak boleh tgk lama2 entri ni, panas panaass~hahah!

Namee Roslan said...

excited gila bila tengok ur design.:)) sukaaa ! baju pinky dress on the 4th pic tu , is it urs ? cantik sangat !! :D

p/s: thank u sebab offer header untuk saya !! im so flattered ok. nak, tapi nanti i email u okay !! :) thank you so much Sandra.. :)) bangga dapat tayangkan ur artwork kat my blog. teheee :)

Erika Toh said...

TOTALLY UNIQUE! Love to see this fresh blogging style of yours + awesome photos. Coincidently, I blogged about love too but not as grand as yours. :P

myra abdullah said...

woooolaaaaah !


tgk sambil tutup mata...hehe

ain dzaya said...

gilerr..terjonjol bijik mata...ofsem sgt dgn international model tu..gudjob sandra!

"Jadi draftsman cita cita sejak azali.".

NadyaBubble said...

Suka ayat-ayat tu :)

Ahmad Fauzi Aryaan (A.F.A) said...

hebat laaaa design...mmg berbakat laa u ni Azwan...

~FaatiNNasreeN~ said...

wow..macam tgh view vogue magazine online..=)