Models Night @ Celebrities Hall of Music, Solaris Mont Kiara!

Fashion Flash!

with Rizal Yaakub | visit his blog!(in the middle) and his friend. Thank you yer Rizal. I will send you the pictures soon.

"Thank you Sandra Azwan for the opportunity, I hope the best for you, and whatever pun just don't stop what you are doing, you are on the right track and insyallah I'll see you one day di atas sana, di Kota Paris mungkin, berdiri bangga di tengah-tengah Grand Palais dikelilingi 34 models sambil ditepuk gemuruh oleh Anna Wintor dan konco-konconya." Rizal Yaakub
The models! from left: Milena, Shahin, Alisa and Joey.
with Shahnaz Bahar, me and Lisa.
Walk walk fashion baby.....


Alisa and Lisa

Spotlight: Models Night
Alisa| Be bold, Be Gold!

Lisa| Sandra Azwan S/S 2012-13
Models Night: Celebrities Hall of Music, Solaris Mont Kiara
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Don't look at the camera pose

Another thing I wanted to tell you...
I'm a big fan of leather jackets and T-Shirt gambar tengkorak!
                                            My interpretation of 'Smart Casual' is Jacket,T-shirt or a nice Shirt,jeans and shoes.
Never wear something that doesn't make you feel good about yourself. Do you think I look good in my own black/dark brown PU leather jacket? haha
I'm in love with this T-Shirt and it's from London. Love the skull prints, so ganass
Cedarwood State grey skull design t-shirt.
again...another version of "Don't look at the camera" pose.
Standing behind my own wall....
PU Leather jacket: Sandra Azwan, Loafers: Massimo Dutti, Jeans: Uniqlo


L O VE tale

That day,
My vigor halted by the vision of you,
Haunting eyes, daunting moves,
A danseuse in the midst,
Passion comes to breach,

Benumb, stiffen, stupefied,
By you,
I guard my charms,
Flouncing oblivious act,
Vowed not to succumb to you

Subdued, an inch towards you,
Stalked and preyed,
I for one, a victor,
Brazen by my own conviction,

To the unknown I was taken,
Engulfed with ecstasy,
The common in life?
Your touch, careless caresses,
Oh, how I chased your eyes,
To anchor my souls on yours,

The quiver of your lips,
The shivers on your skin,
The harsh rough edge,
Of what my flesh against you,

As your being,
Laced around mine,
Oh tongue, no words to utter!
Serenade we must!
Of love, of lust,
Of Complete splendor,

Rapture and It captures,
O’ hearts and it breeds love,
As you would say,
Oh they would see!
They too would cast a speech,

To the sphere of fallacy,
We have no regard,
We are the absolute certitude,
Gallant and free,

We are bonded as one,
Though the unspoken future growls,
Though the whispering lips cast its stones,
Not a care deserving,
For we are whole,

Now alight!
I am afire,
Ardent with desire,

Our love flourishes with rasping fury,
Injudicious edict won’t matter now,
Their design, livid and lofty,
Will not pass,

The grandeur of our fusion,
They marveled and glutton for me,
As they busk for tales such as ours,
Gladdened, robust with the inevitable,
Of you and me,

There is no finale,
Hand in hand, milieu of bliss,
Alee to eternity,

L O VE tale by Dewi
behind the scene photos,click


What's hot this month

with Shayra Coser and Alexis Pinilla.



Shyra Coser and Alexis Pinilla.

For the love of fashion. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scene photos. Photographer: Bibo Aswan , Hair and Makeup: FACEKRAFT // Leyuna,  Models: Alexis Pinilla and Shayra Coser


Jom ke New Zealand!

Hello & salam satu Malaysia buat semua! Untuk post hari ini saya ingin berkongsi dengan anda semua gambar-gambar percutian kawan terbaik saya di New Zealand! Sungguh teruja dan jealous tahap maximum bila dapat peluang tengok gambar-gambar nie. Dapat tengok pun jadilah, tension sekejap sahaja. Sebenarnya, ada banyak lagi gambar, sampai tak terpilih nak post yang mana satu. Next time saya akan kesana dengan kakak Sanat, backpacking berdua, boleh? Yeay! Caption untuk gambar atas: Kakak Sanat dengan muka kesejukan, kot.....Beratus-ratus gambar, berikut merupakan pilihan dihati saya.Enjoy!
Kalau tak ade kambing biri-biri memang tak sah! Cantik giler view..

Lebah New Zealand memang sangat besar!
Laluan paling romantis, feeling-feeling Twilight!
Cantik kan?
Location untuk video klip lagu-lagu sedih jiwangs, best nie....
View yang ini macam tak pasti untuk apa.....citer pembunuhan maybe..
Finally, mereka berjaya menawan puncak something something....yeay!
Pusing kiri, kanan, atas, belakang....360° view semua cantik!