I like to think of myself as a plastic surgeon with a knife! Draping, my ultimate possession!

Salam satu Malaysia. Hello…hello anda disana. Sihat? Untuk pengetahuan semua, dalam beberapa hari ini saya sedikit sibuk dengan kerja + persiapan for my new2012 collection in conjunction with Malaysia International Fashion Week (MIFW)2011 dalam bulan November nanti. Seperti biasa, nothing is ready yet and I have to work as fast as I can! (BDA/MIFW pc: 3/11 | fitting: 5/11 | show:22/11)Bercakap soal ‘my new collection’, lately, I‘ve been inspired by so many things and to tell you the truth, it drives me crazy( in a positive way la). Apabila terdapat banyak perkara bermain-main diruangan minda, kadang-kadang sedikit merunsingkan, tetapi, ianya bukan satu alasan malah menyeronokkan! Betul tak? haha…..
Pattern..kertas-kertas..bermain-main diruangan minda, menunggu masa untuk dicantumkan! LOL
Masih ingat kepada Edward? Dia sudah membesar!!;-P  Not Edward Cullen Si Pucat tu OK! hehe
In the making........


Baa, Baa, Black Chic....

Black Magic! Inspired from Glamour Magazine Cartoon(1995)
"One is never over- or underdressed with a little black dress." 
Karl Lagerfeld

P/s: Sometimes you think White but wear Black! Do you have anything to share? ;-P


with Marini Ramlan

"There is nothing random about finding something interesting and reacting to it; everything inspires, anything can trigger."

“I believe in constantly learning; in sharing and expanding the mind as well as the heart. Love and good vibes my kindred spirits.”
“I’m a bit of a nerd (self proclaimed, although I’m only at entry level). I like to read easy to absorb scientific updates (because it amuses me). Social media fascinates me to no end. Information excites me. Lights are magic.”
“As a child I ate all the time and used to dress in costume to school. This has not changed. At one point, I wanted to be an inventor, or an astronaut or a geologist of some sort but that clearly didn't happen since I never took science in school.  I peg that down to my incapacity to absorb science and math at the time. Instead, I was a big art girl from the start where cadmium was my yellow and fuscia was not pink. “
“I like OPEN. I believe in HAPPY. REJOICE and be THANKFUL. Everyday is a gift.”
Words by Marini Ramlan. visit Nothing Random
GLAM, March2011
P/s: Nini Marini inspires me because she seems like such a genuine, approachable person. Somethin’ about her just seems soo real, wonderful and she’s so sweet! ;-) Feel free to check this out: Classic Beauty


People and Things!

Let Your Imagination Run Wild (But Not To Wild) by Sandra Azwan. view  my online Portfolio via Talenthouse.com

Salam & Hello semua! This is my exclusive design for Jack's Mannequin (Design a poster for Jack's Mannequin via Talenthouse.com), inspired by their latest album 'People and Things'. So, what do you think? Feel free to check this out : Design  for Jack's Mannequin And please VOTE for me! Thank You!;-)  Talenthouse.com merupakan website 'must visit' untuk 'Independent Artist' diluar sana! Ada banyak competition yang menarik untuk anda cuba selain kita dapat berkongsi idea dan minat dengan manusia-manusia yang talented from all over the world! visit Talenthouse

"Talenthouse is a global creative platform for artists, providing opportunities for recognition, collaboration, and compensation"
*Voting starts in 5 days( October 25, 2011)! So, jangan lupa 'VOTE' untuk Sandra. Terima Kasih.


Irresistable Wear @ Galeri Petronas, KLCC

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 October 2011 – Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah today launched IRRESISTIBLE WEAR, the latest exhibition at GALERI PERTONAS showcasing 48 new artwear pieces designed by Malaysian artist and fashion designers.

The IRRESISTABLE WEAR exhibition is a form of expressive art about clothing the human body with art, the notion of ‘wearing art’ instead of just looking at it. Traditional elements including resist and shibori are reflected in the artworks.
Tengku Azura and Eiza in Faizal Hamid's Collection.
The exhibition showcases artwear or wearable arts by 12 prominent Malaysian artist and fashion designers, namely Datuk Radzuan Radziwill, Datin Sharifah Kirana, Edric Ong, Faizal Hamid, Adnan Hassan, Akma Suriati, Asliza Aris, Zainol Salleh, Eddie Yap, Fion Poon, Associate Professor Hasnul Jamal Saidon and Abdul Hamid Hassan.

Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah, Senior General Manager of Group Corporate Affairs Division, PETRONAS, in his speech said that exhibitions by GALERI PETRONAS are part of the Company’s on-going efforts to contribute to the development of a holistic Malaysian society.
Feminine Mystique,2011 by Faizal Hamid. The artwork is bordered with stellar-colored fabrics with contemporary batik tie-dye methods complementing the ethereal of the finished work by balancing structured pieces with soft drapes.
"This exhibition invites the audience to peek into the female psyche and delve into the feminine mystique that have transcended time and place-from the old to the new, from grand halls and palace grounds to metropolitan cities and urban jungles." Faizal Hamid

"Pameran IRRESISTIBLE WEAR merupakan ekspresi seni berkaitan pemakaian seni pada tubuh manusia, iaitu ‘memakai seni’ dan bukan sekadar mengamatinya. Elemen-elemen tradisi seperti resist dan shibori turut disuntik dalam karya-karya seni tersebut."

“In line with our efforts to organise various art appreciation and educational programmes, this exhibition also allows us to value, honour and motivate the unsung heroes among us, the fashion designers and the artists. More importantly, this effort contributes towards creating greater awareness on expressive arts in the country”, he added.
The sculpture of Bangau (The Egret) is formed by using natural material such as tree bark, dry leaves, palm fronds, burlap strings, rattan frames, hemp and wood. The wood is used for developing the skeleton. In coloring the artwork using the tie dye technique, natural materials such as henna leaves and tumeric were used. How amazing is that?
Bangau Oh Bangau!,2011 | Akma Suriati
Monsoon Series; Extended | Asliza Aris
Enclosing Emotions, 2011 | Datuk Radzuan Radziwil

In conjunction with the exhibition, GALERI PETRONAS also published the IRRESISTABLE WEAR exhibition catalogue; a compilation of artwork images as well as essays by Associate Professor Najib Nor, Lecturer of Faculty of Heritage & Creative Technology from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan; Professor Dr. Siti Zainon Ismail, cultural activist; Aishah Ali, former Associate Editor of Malay Mail and Yusuf Affandi Djalari, Dean of Faculty of Art & Design from Universitas Trisakti, Indonesia.

Curated by Associate Professor Najib Nor, IRRESISTIBLE WEAR exhibition will be available at GALERI PETRONAS until 1 January 2012.

"The creation of art in the form of a garment could allow a viewer to step into a piece, to feel its weight and its texture" Assoc.Prof. Najib Mad Nor

Issued by
14 October 2011
Irresistible wear meneroka perlakuan pemakaian yang memberi makna daripada lenggok bahasa visual dan meninjau sepintas lalu kepelbagaian ilham tentang cara meletak, memadan dan memperaga seni pada atau atas tubuh manusia. Melalui pameran yang ternyata exclusive ini, kita dapat menikmati himpunan karya dalam satu peragaan yang dipamerkan dengan pelbagai bentuk interpretasi. Pameran ini akan berlangsung sehingga 1 Januari 2012.
Art for everyone @ Galeri Petronas
GALERI PETRONAS is located at Level 3, Suria KLCC. It is established by PETRONAS, Malaysia’s national oil company, to support and nurture the development of arts in Malaysia by providing a versatile, world-class platform for Malaysian and international artists to display their works.  GALERI PETRONAS has received thousands of visitors since it opened its doors to the public in 1998. With numerous local and international exhibitions, GALERI PETRONAS aims to make art accessible, enjoyable and engaging to the public and will continue to enthral audiences with new, exciting exhibitions and public programmes.

Tel: +6 03 20517770
Fax: +6 03 20512903
Open on Tuesdays – Sundays (10 am to 8 pm); closed on Mondays. Admission is free! visit Galeri Petronas


Keeping Busy.....

.....sedang mencari sesuatu, tetapi..ianya tidak kelihatan. Siapakah yang berani untuk bermain 'sorok-sorok barang' dengan saya?
Mungkinkah barang yang dicari tersorok didalam paper bag diatas Cabinet comel itu?

Tepat sekali! Finally, benda( Top Secret Files | TSF ) yang dicari sudah berada didalam genggaman! Tapi.....

Ada sesuatu yang bermain & tidak kene didalam fikiran saya ketika ini. Mengapa? Adakah maklumat-maklumat penting didalam TSF menghilangkan dirinya?

*maklumat penting dalam TSF yang menghilangkan dirinya itu sebenarnya sedang berada diatas Ironing board ( second Pic.) Chill la bro....;-P
#Malaysia's Next Top Female Blogger PART 3 still under construction. Sabar sekejap yer..;-)

"Objects in pictures should so be arranged as by their very position to tell their own story."Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Cik Epal dan Sandra Azwan!

Cik Epal, u look so sweet la!;-P
Salam satu Malaysia. Beberapa hari yang lepas, saya berpeluang berjumpa dan face to face dengan blogger yang cukup sinonim dengan buah apple…..Cik Epal! Fyi, saya join contest Cik Epal, details disini dan entry yang menang tu disini. Sebenarnya saya excited dapat bersua muka dengan Cik Epal yang cukup kuat pengaruhnya dikalangan blogger-blogger di Malaysia nie. 
Curi gambar from entry Cik Epal sebab gambar diri sendiri tidak diambil!
Personally, Cik Epal merupakan individu yang cepat mesra dan sememangnya sangat peramah. Pertemuan yang dirancang itu sebenarnya sekejap sangat disebabkan ada beberapa hal yang tidak dapat dielakkan dan kalau masa mengizinkan, Cik Epal,nanti kita jumpe lagi!

Sesetengah orang la, dalam gambar je ramai orang puji cantik, nampak baik, putih dan blah..blah. Cik epal versi LIVE sememangnya 100% sama macam dalam blog tu. Bagi Sandra, Cik Epal nie bukan seorang yang ‘fake’+ personality ‘dibuat-buat’ dan she’s totally not ‘plastic’! Cik Epal, she’s one of a kind. Gambar-gambar berikut merupakan makanan yang dimakan oleh kami! Simply Delicious!;-P

nyum...nyum..nyum...hotdog sahaja dimakan!


Artist of the Issue!

Hello semua! I've got good news to share. I will be featured in........magazine,|'Artist of the Issue'(November 2011). For the next upcoming issue, they will focus on Fashion Illustration and I'm sure it's going to be amazing! Due to certain circumstances, the name of the magazine will be Biarlah Rahsia for a while! Sounds great right? Haha. Stay tuned for more details.Thank you for your lovely support! Special thanks to The Editor, Vivian.

"I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality."
Frida Kahlo