I see, I snap, I post

Hi! Just some more random pictures I wanted to share with all of you. Enjoy!
In my lovely room!
S e g u e, so much wonderfully inspiring information in this magazine! and while reading through it ,I stumbled upon this quote: "I do hate the fashion industry for those people who are backstabbing and who are just out to undermine people." 
by Lee Lapthorne!!
'Confessions' a truly disturbing film! It's about a teacher taking revenge on her students who killed her daughter. Bagaimanakah cara cikgu ini membalas dendam?  Caranya ialah dengan memasukkan her husband's HIV infected blood  kedalam susu kotak! Ok murid2, mari kita minum susu! 2 0rang murid menyedari 'kesalahan' yang dilakukan oleh mereka lantas menjerit, 'OMG!' (*Maa nante koto nanda) | Yohji Yamamoto, one of my Superheroes! 
Gulp......It's not always like this la!;-P
Ayuh Malaysia, mari membaca! It's da BOMB!;-P


Karikatura by Fazosin

The so lovely and too talented Fazosin from Dessinsmignons by Fazosinn  made this illustration of me and frankly speaking, I am thrilled with my latest caricature by Fazosin nie!So sweet!;-P
Caricature by Fazosin and feel free to check out his fashion blog jugak yer!
You just made my day la babe! Thank you so much.

I am literally obsessed with all things cute! This is super adorable! by Fazosin


Insanely CUTE!

I must be crazy! How super adorable are these?
So full of Woww & Fuyoo!;-) Enjoy....
Restless legs syndrome! "If a girl says I have cute legs, does that mean nothing else is cute?

'Move your Body' Meditation! Benefit: When the body moves, energy shifts and you begin to feel different - in a better way! Adik-adik, mari kita cuba aksi ini! 

I'm goin' to kill you! Sape nak kene babab? .....do crazy things and still look insanely cute all at the same time! Have fun with your axe, be creative!;-P

It's important to know how to handle 'Sakit perut'! ;-P

'Teacher..teacher, hari ini kita nak belajar apa?' High fashion teacher: First of all, move your head around, and feel the smooth movement of a snake's head!! (yoga)
....insanely cute..insanely crazy....insanely lovin'..insanely irritatin'..insanely interestin'..insanely INSANE!

 These animated images are attention grabbing and full of amazing concept, movement & detail.
So inspiring!! For hugs, hellos and cat talk,feel free to visit (powered by the cute and insane) Pamela + Matthew
Hello Malaysia and the rest of the world! To all my lovely loyal readers, followers and people who love my blog, Thank you so much for your undying support! Peace ( this picture has nothing to do with this post. Just a random picture of me being random!) HAHA



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Randomly Snap

I'm so addicted to these!!
Favorite Things| Designs by Yohji Yamamoto,created exclusively for the V&A! Feels lucky to have it.
Baby Blue!Waitin' for the right time to wear them! This picture, not randomly snap!;-P
Ponyo, si Goldfish( looks like berudu to me!) yang comel!
Not finished with fashion?TOTALLY!
My favorite DVDs! Tengok beribu kali pun takpe. By the way, I'm a huge fan of Sex & The City! hehe


Strike a Pose! and Vogue!

Behind the scenes photos from my latest photoshoot session with Russian Photographer, Gulnara Maneeva. Enjoy! More pictures? Feel free to check this out: 180611 Hair & Make-up: Rachel W, Models: Katya Zol, Domi Dall'Acqua, Shahin_Shine

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Smile and the world smiles with you! (Ala2 Model|Spokesperson for Lumix GF1!)*perasan!

Laugh and the world laughs with you.....cry and you cry alone!!
'Say teeth!!!'
P/s: Life is simple and easy...if you let it be! Bersyukur dengan segala limpahan, kurniaan dan rezeki yang diberikan oleh Nya....Amin.



From left: Domi Dall'Acqua and Katya Zol
 Strike a Pose! This is currently my favorite pose.;-) In this picture, with Iranian male models!;-P
Coming soon!My latest photoshoot session with Russian Photographer, Gulnara Maneeva | MG fashion. Keep on viewing 'Life with Sandra' for more updates from me. Peace

'Say Cheese!!!' More pictures? Feel free to check this out: Strike a Pose! and Vogue!


East is the best

Inspired from 'Pose Testing-testing';-P

East is the best T-Shirt, H&M white shirt.



Kawasan nie, kalau buat video muzik lagu sedih memang menjadi!;-P

Fyi, dalam nie ada buaya kecik sedang berenang-renang!Buaya jinak..

Location: Somewhere over the rainbow! *Terdengar bunyi anjing liar, terus berlari ketakutan! So funny la.....



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