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Hello Malaysia and the rest of the world.This is actually a very special entry regarding on my special blog PROMO and i just wanna say thank you to all of you who join this. And the winner goes to.........ALL OF YOU! hahaha.....just kidding! Due to my tight + crazy work schedule, just give me 3 to 4 more days for me to figure out the winners ( 3 lucky persons) and thats pretty much about it.;-)

P/s: I've made somethin' special for my lucky followers 888 and 900! Yeay.......Shiapakah mereka?


with Malaysia's top supermodel, Tengku Azura!

I look short in this photo. Well, she's wearing 6 inch platform high heels ma...I think we were just about the same height, yup..definitely! Haha

Hello lovely bloggers and readers. For the past few days, the answer is clear: it’s getting busy living (I think it’s good because it’s like therapy) and I've got so many possessions to do. For those of you who have followed my blog and constantly keep track with ‘Life with Sandra…...’, I just wanna say thank you so much! Furthermore, It’s kinda funny and I felt so guilty if I did not reply back all the sweet comments posted by YOU and you need to bear in mind that I will totally be checking out your blog ASAP: Here I stand, with my arms wide open -with no regrets at all!;-) Sabar sikit jer…..Ok, fyi, I just received an email regarding on my interview with ‘The Star’ (Interview on young designers) and I’m so excited about it. I'm hoping for a great turnout with this. Once again, I fully appreciate the gift of sight and the outpouring of support+ prayers. With Love, Sandra Azwan

'Fashion can be bought. Style, one must possess.' - Edna Woolman Chase

Just ignore my face. I'm havin' a bad face day( exhausted)! In this photo, with Malaysia's Supermodel|Tengku Azura! Thank you kak Zura for coming. She's lovely! More pictures ( with Tengku Azura) will be uploaded soon.


Strike a pose! Tengku Azura in Sandra Azwan


Mama he's Crazywrazy!

After a period of time...,
something happens to him.
He grow up like a cocoon.
He acting like a weird.
The curse of the box?
Julien Hakym


Welcome to my studio! Peace


Karen Millen Spring/Summer 2011

Hello guys! The start of a new season is a wake up call to recreate your total look, with colour the starting point to restyling your image. Of course, you can always add more of that ‘Old Black Magic’ to your wardrobe. That’s a no-brainer. Then there are those necessary neutrals: the no-colour basics, every possible shade of grey and the list goes on. They are great foundation shades from which to build new colour options and combinations. This season, new palettes are at fashion’s forefront.
Founded in 1981, Karen Millen has become renowned for fashionable collections that are elegant, feminine, glamorous, distinctive clothing and accessories for the confident, uncompromising woman of today and last but not least for stylish design with a good price. With this new season, the epitome of Karen Millen is clearly expressed in the Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Fyi, I’m the only male guest ‘in the haus’ except for the photographer, but the thing is, who cares! Fashion has no gender full stop|What I really love about this new collection from Karen Millen S/S11, it is absolutely ‘wearadorable’ with the simplicity equals true chic and the bright, warm, glowing colours will extremely put a smile on your face. With KM S/S11, it’s a great asset in every woman’s wardrobe. Location: Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Shop online karenmillen.com

Looking almost glamorous in David Meyer black leather jacket and Burberry Shirt!Dush

It's a wrap! Thank you for visiting. Have a nice weekend.Peace


The touch of my hand

Alat permainan!


Who's next?

Hello....I'm currently lookin' for my next Lucky Followers! Maybe it's you! Terima Kasih/Thank You


Cik Epal Contest

Another thing I wanted to tell you: Contest Cik Epal-Black & White picture! Join now

Noir et blanc. Just click for more monochrome pictures. Photograph by Rafil Thazali. Location: Somewhere over the rainbow! Kalau pegang 'Apple hijau' time nie kan best! lol

Hello semua, sejak akhir-akhir nie Sandra Azwan semakin rajin untuk join contest blogger2 nie.....Ok, the latest one is from this cute girl a.k.a Cik Epal. Its a very simple contest! Click here for more details.

Which one do you prefer? Fyi, I have so many pictures in black & white! Sila 'geledah' archive untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai gambar-gambar diatas. Thank you

"Saya membaca blog Cik Epal kerana she looks like green apple and she's the famous one. The thing about her blog is, I just love the way she writes-she tells a story like no one else and it seems to be like so easy, breezy and erm.....yup, it's beautifully weird" ;-) U go girl!

Exclusively for Cik Epal. I hope u will like it!;-) And one more thing, Vote for her (click) if you think she deserves to be the Kotex® Fresh Face! Yeay..Sandra sudah Vote for Cik Epal!

Let's do this!


3,2,1 Action!

I'm standing on the edge of my mind. Fyi, I'm havin' so much fun talking+standing 'on a wooden box' but still, it's a nerve-breakin' moment!I'm hoping that it will looks great on TV! hahaha... More pictures will be uploaded soon. Wish me the best of luck. Keep on viewing 'Life with Sandra.....Thank you & Peace!;-P
Location: Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama.



For more details, check this out: Sejuta Impian. Wish me luck!Peace
P/s: Sejuta Impian = A million voices ( it's not RM1 million)


Interview with Sandra Azwan!

Hello bloggers and readers. Thank you so much for viewing 'life with Sandra.....'.If anyone understands the transformative power of photograph and the beauty that can be found in our everyday experience it is, of course, there is no doubt that photos/images can tell the story of your life, a favorite vacation, a special event or anything else that matter. Here, u are about to witness the beginning of an interview in this new format, which has only begun! Let the pictures do the talking.....enjoy! *Inspired from Another Magazine Issue 16!

What is your favorite word?

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite image?

What is your favorite sound?

What about your favorite magazines?

What is memory visually?

What is subjective?

Are your fearless?

What is your least favorite image?

What is objective?

Could you give a definition of the present?

Do books furnish a room?

Is art making life better?



Have you ever seen anything so adorable? Say Hi to Cristina!


A Little More Personal

Hello semua, Farah Rossie Earhart a.k.a Gadis Kuda Terbang kepingin benar mahu mengetahui sedikit sebanyak mengenai Sandra Azwan dan ini merupakan jawapan berdasarkan soalan-soalan yang dikemukakan untuk menjayakan proses apabila seseorang telah TAG tuan punya Blog! Farah, i hope u will be satisfied with these and thank you.

1) Adakah anda rasa anda hot?
Setiap daripada kita akan merasakan dirinya hot(diantaranya) tatkala sedang memakan aiskrim, dibawah cahaya lampu kuning, ketika sedang melihat wajah didalam rest room, sedang study didalam library and the list goes on. Secara peribadinya, saya merasakan saya akan berkeadaan 'hot' ketika sedang menjahit short dress client!

2) Upload gambar wallpaper/pic.yang anda guna sekarang:

3) Cerita pasal gambar:
Untuk pengetahuan semua, wallpaper untuk laptop yang saya sedang gunakan sekarang akan berubah mengikut 'mood' atau mungkin perasaan saya. Jadi, untuk sepanjang minggu ini dan minggu yang lepas, saya merasakan sesuatu yang bercirikan feminine, high-fashion, couture, tulle, obor-obor, ruffles, nude! Valentino Spring/Summer 2011 details via style.com

4) Bila kali terakhir makan ayam?
Soalan ini membuatkan saya ketawa kecil dan untuk pengetahuan semua, hari-hari Sandra Azwan makan ayam tetapi masakan yang berlainan dan apa yang paling penting disini ialah dia sentiasa slim and slender! Dush...

5) Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
Sandra Azwan sememangnya pendengar muzik yang setia dan pelbagai genre. Berdasarkan soalan ini, saya akan senaraikan 5 lagu terakhir yang baru saya dengar.

Hold it againts me- Britney Spears
Russian Roulette- Rihanna
Dust in the wind- Sarah Brightman
Tahajjud Cinta- Dato' Siti Nurhaliza
Tamally Ma'ak- Amr Diab

6) Apa yang anda fikir selain menyelesaikan Tag ini?
Berdasarkan soalan ini, saya sememangnya mempunyai banyak perkara yang sedang berlegar diruangan minda, diantaranya ialah menyiapkan kerja yang memerlukan konsentrasi yang menyeluruh, kemas kini Portfolio, check e-mail + dashboard blog ( hehe) and the list goes on and on!! Phew....

7) Selain nama sendiri, nama panggilan anda yang lain?
Jika saya berada di rumah bersama keluarga, keseluruhan isi rumah tersebut akan memanggil saya Iwan @ Wan. Simple and just nice! Seperti biasa, kawan-kawan terdekat selesa memanggil saya Sandra dan ada juga diantara individu-individu special terdekat memanggil saya 'Si Kechik' andI don't have any ideas on that. It it weird? kelakarnya!LOL

8) Tag 8 blog owner

9) Siapakah No.1 anda?
Soalan ini mengenai siapakah yang bertahta dihati saya atau ? sedikit confuse dengan soalan ini..hehe. Kalau berdasarkan blog list yang diatas itu, Erikah Toh merupakan individu yang sentiasa menyokong kerjaya saya dan sentiasa membuatkan saya terharu dengan words of wisdom yang dilontarkan. Thanks Erika.....ur so lovely!

10) Katakan sesuatu tentang nO. 5?
Individu berkenaan merupakan contoh pelajar cemerlang dan saya bangga dengannya.

11) Individu No. 3 berhubung dengan siapa?
Berhubung dengan facebook,phone and blog!;-)

12) Bagaimana pula dengan no. 4?

13) Pesanan untuk no.6?
Afiq, buat sesuatu perkara dengan seluruh jiwa dan raga dan saya pasti, suatu hari nanti anda pasti akan berjaya and good luck!;-)

14) Kata-kata cinta untuk no.2?
Saya merasakan bahawa proses ini sudah melencong dari yang sepatutnya ataupun sudah kehabisan idea? just kidding! Ok.....erm, Tyra, u look so beautiful!

15) Adakah no.7 dan no.8 mempunyai persamaan?
Kedua-dua mereka merupakan kaum adam!

16) Berikan 5 perkara yang anda tahu tentang yang anda tagged di.no.1
- The name of her blog is Haus Of KAKA!
-a special breed of teachers that's so rare, none can compare, that often makes people stare!
-Fyi, Sandra Azwan is Lady KaKa's Favourite Designer!
-Haus of KAKA obsessed with these five things - fashion, beauty, photography, music, & food!
-She's cute!

17) Persamaan diantara kambing & lembu?
Kedua-duanya berbulu dan bertanduk. ( Soalan apakah ini?)

18) Perasaan ketika menjawab soalan ini?
It's weird but it's actually fun! Thanks Farah.


by Farhanah

Hello guys, for those who interested in joining my special blog promo, this is a good + great example of it. Thanks Farhanah! This is lovely and good luck!


Hey Girls!

Lovely lace! I just love to draw!

New project coming soon....;-) Feel free to join my special blog promo. Details here! Thank you



Shahnaz Bahar

Just Chill Out! Location: Twenty One @Bangsar