The power of BLOG?

While anyone can set up a blog in a day and start publishing articles and whatever, we have to bear in mind that it takes far more ‘effort’ to be a great blogger and see the real benefits of blogging. *I'm so in love with these pictures!;-)

Hello Malaysia and the rest of the world! The first thing that I love to do as a blogger is to check your comments on content that is posted by of course, me! Thank you so much for making ‘Life with Sandra…..’ as part of your daily ‘life’ routine and once again, what more can I say? I love u guys, u just made my life more fabulous than ever! Ok, straight to the point! Being a blogger with a great ‘point of view’ is a must. Nowadays, we can totally see that bloggers is the new kind of ‘celebrities’ and as far as I can see, we pay a lot more attention to ‘them’ than ourselves. Why? Is it fair enough to be considered? I do have my own ‘favorite’ blogs and it was so tremendously great and absolutely inspiring. All these remarkable blogs has always been about their wonderful journey in life and what I really love about ‘this’ few bloggers is the fact that they love to share a lot of their incredible thoughts and experiences in the most fantastic ways. Kudos to all these remarkable people or maybe the new generation of thought leaders! So, let us be one of them! How?
She’s like a peanut butter, honey and a slice of cheese on my bread! Tavi

P/s: Suka dengar lagu nyanyian Celine Dion, The power of love!


SyahmiFikri said...

yea.. its true!!

da important things here!! blogging is not an easy thngs!! it's about effort and ideas!!

da brilliant blogger try to make their reader comfortble and make frendly!! dats da true blogger!!

miszlullaby said...

you are one of the genius bloggers i ever met. others maybe famous,tp blog kosong,xde isi. oh yes,ML dah privatekan my blog. check your email k? =)

Fina Sophie said...

setuju yg awak mention ttg favorite blogs tu ;)

Bob Merley said...

I think blogging is about freedom. if you cared too about what people say and try to please everyone, you gonna get screwed. don't worry, great ideas will attract others =)

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" -- Dr. Seuss

ierayahaya said...

the power of love is one of my fav songs. besides celine dion tu pun mmg i minat giler since dari kechik.. hehe..

anastasheeka said...

yeapp. agreed. btw, your blog pown such an inspiration. love to make it as my daily read. keep it up! :)

Amanina Sofea said...

so cute..
i like that pic..

apezs shah said...

tag for u..


Faizal n Fashitah said...

Yuppp! setuju dengan your opinion! XD

Nica said...

i loveeee ur art :)

ila ni said...

oh maii kanak-kanak ini!!
saya suka blog beliau.
gaya beliau sgt rare

Sandra said...

I found your blog from In-Trend mag-"50 blog malaysia pilihan In-trend"
and I love reading it, keep up the CHIC work babe! i love your drawings, sooo chic n unique :)