She's from Romania!

Natalie Portman? Aura 'Black Swan' terpancar diraut wajahnya!;-P

Little Black Swan by Faizal Hamid, exclusively for Jelita Magazine. Grab a copy of Jelita Magazine now! Price upon request. Contact Sandra Azwan for more details.


Don't sweat the small stuff

Hello.....Just a quick post as I'm really busy at work today ! I'm currently reading a book called Don't sweat the small stuff by Richard Carlson and I think it's a very interesting book, a collection of shared knowledge on simple ways to keep the little things from overtaking your life. Would you like to know more? Buy the book! It’s inexpensive (RM49.90@ Kinokuniya-KLCC), it’s a quick read, and it’s fun.Available at all major bookstores.

At your own risk!LOL

Turn your Melodrama into a Yellow-Mellow Drama!;-)

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Pencarian Blog Paling Hensem Dan Cantik 2011

For more information, feel free to check this out: Sharm Hassan

Hello! Untuk pengetahuan semua, ini merupakan 'contest' pertama yang saya dengan 'tiba-tiba' terpanggil untuk turut serta kerana saya tidak mahu menghampakan sayaphalusinasi yang tag blog 'Life with Sandra.....' jadi, apa salah sekiranya saya juga turut serta kan? Untuk maklumat lanjut tentang 'contest' Pencarian Blog Paling Hensem Dan Cantik 2011 ini, silalah ke blog ini: Sharm Hassan

Oleh yang demikian, Sandra Azwan dengan segala hormatnya -Tag:

P/s: Sandra Azwan tidak sombong! Tengok, dia nak jugak join contest-contest macam ini , just for fun.Peace

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The power of BLOG?

While anyone can set up a blog in a day and start publishing articles and whatever, we have to bear in mind that it takes far more ‘effort’ to be a great blogger and see the real benefits of blogging. *I'm so in love with these pictures!;-)

Hello Malaysia and the rest of the world! The first thing that I love to do as a blogger is to check your comments on content that is posted by of course, me! Thank you so much for making ‘Life with Sandra…..’ as part of your daily ‘life’ routine and once again, what more can I say? I love u guys, u just made my life more fabulous than ever! Ok, straight to the point! Being a blogger with a great ‘point of view’ is a must. Nowadays, we can totally see that bloggers is the new kind of ‘celebrities’ and as far as I can see, we pay a lot more attention to ‘them’ than ourselves. Why? Is it fair enough to be considered? I do have my own ‘favorite’ blogs and it was so tremendously great and absolutely inspiring. All these remarkable blogs has always been about their wonderful journey in life and what I really love about ‘this’ few bloggers is the fact that they love to share a lot of their incredible thoughts and experiences in the most fantastic ways. Kudos to all these remarkable people or maybe the new generation of thought leaders! So, let us be one of them! How?
She’s like a peanut butter, honey and a slice of cheese on my bread! Tavi

P/s: Suka dengar lagu nyanyian Celine Dion, The power of love!


Hey, Fashionista!

From left: Masler, Tatriana, JK and Machi. Mereka berkawan baik!


Thank You InTrend!

Merci beaucoup!

As seen in InTrend Magazine March 2011 issue.

Feel free to check this out: Within the realm of the unexpected!

P/s: Tahniah juga diucapkan kepada mereka yang terpilih! Teruskan perjuangan kita dan semoga berjaya!;-P


When 'Black Swan' met Sandra Azwan

Life with Sandra: Fun & Fabulous! Feel free to check this out: Timeless Luxury

The fabulous team....ever! Thank you guys!

Kosmo: February 14, 2011

Mingguan Malaysia: February 13, 2011

Metro: February 6, 2011


Pose testing testing!

Sekejap yer.....

Jangan bergerak!


Lagi sekali boleh? (mood: ? ) 


'Angsa Hitam' dalam Wanita Hari Ini!

.....Models of the day, Eryna Salim and DD.

The 'vogue' interview!

Strike a pose! Sukenyer Eryna!;-P

In this picture, with Fiza! She's a nice person. Seperti biasa, my face looks like 'Mat Rempit'!

Lovely people! From left; Farah Yasmin, Mr.Faizal Hamid, Fiza and Fatimah Puteh.

Watch the show! Replay the full show online, in case you missed it....click
P/s: Wanita Hari Ini,Tv3: Episode 32


Disebalik Tabir!

Mr.Faizal:Find me that piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday morning.
Sandra: Opps, dah terbuang kot!
Bro. berbaju belang hitam: Kan dah kene marah dengan sifu. Kenapa pergi buang kertas tu?
Bro.berbaju belang kuning: Takpe, nanti saya tolong carikan jugak! 3-2-1 action!

Sandra: It's so confusing la. Which one is the best for your new collection?
Mr.Faizal: Please bore someone else with your......questions.
Sandra: Gulp!
*Photos by Farah Yasmin Zulkepli.

Exclusively for Wanita Hari Ini/TV3.Behind the scenes! More pictures will be uploaded soon. Keep on viewing Life with me.......hehe, Sandra!;-)

Urban Rock Chic goes muslimah!

When Sandra Azwan goes modestly trendy!

Spring style+trends to covet! Sophisticated fringing, neon brights ( ruled the runways for Spring, with head-turning colors and patterns).....and a whole new world of print!


It's a scary world!

In this picture, u can actually see my lovely sewing machine and my laptop! For me, it's a cohesive workplace and it's very peaceful. I can totally work freely in here with no distraction!

For tomorrow, Mr.Faizal (my big boss) have this very special interview with Tv3-Wanita Hari Ini, talked about his latest S/S2011 creations-The little black swan! and for today, we did a new arrangement+replacement of the furniture( at our home studio) to make it look more fashionable and fun! I'm super excited because esok I'm on TV!TV3 @ Wanita Hari Ini!

For more information about 'The Little Black Swan' by Faizal Hamid, check this out: Click

My ultimate autoclean iron stim! This thing helped me a lot.
My latest obsession, mirror!;-P

It's a scary world? Well, there is nothing to be afraid of, u just have to deal with it! Peace
P/s: Wanita Hari ini-TV3, 16/02/2011 @12pm!