The Reader

Hello readers and fellow bloggers. Reading is absolutely one of the most important possessions in my life as a fashion designer. There is no doubt that it can totally enhance my understanding towards desirability on fashion. Lately, I've been flipping through a lot of books that featured all these remarkable designers from different era and of course, I've always get inspired by the line of attack that fashion revolves around them in the most spectacular ways! Feel free to check this out:Books that saved my life

P/s: Membaca itu penting.....bukan hanya setakat melihat pada gambar!


SweetSyaza said...

thanx coz follow n like my blog, da follow n like ur blog too :))

ZWAN SABRI said...

Tertanya tanya..
ek eh, ni fashion designer ker model ni? HEHE..

EGS said...

good day!

thanks for dropping by.

pleasecome again.


Amanina Sofea said...

thx coz be my followers..
nice blog :)

Maryam Fatanah said...

yep..reading is fun n sgt lah penting !

fai said...

someday i will go to malaysia and hope can meeting u in there azwan.

Syiela O-lala said...

betul betul. tak susah pun to take some time for reading. lagipun it will give us benefit.
btw, i love reading ! :)

SyahmiFikri said...

yea.. sure.. mmbaca la cara tingkat skill n ilmu kann.. bagus2..