Fashion Designers' Sketchbooks!!!

Antonio Marras for Kenzo

J.W Anderson

Jean-Pierre Braganza

Johji Yamamoto

John Galliano!!!

Aitor Throup

Frank Leder

Emma Cook

*Images via Fashion Designers Sketchbooks by Hywel Davies.


ErikaToh said...

OMG Sandra, I'm so willing to die several times just to get my hands on all those incredible and awesome designers' sketchbooks especially John Galliano's one! xD

Where and how did you managed to get all those babies, Sandra? You're damn lucky lar to have a collection of all those sketchbooks... I'm so jealous of you now...hehehe.... xP

Well....after this, I hope your knowledge on fashion will vastly improve and thus, bring your work a step higher. Keep up the good work, Sandra! Be the next top fashion designer, standing alongside John Galliano and the rest of the awesome, talented designers~ ♥ ;)

ErikaToh said...

Oh ya, one more thing...I hope you'll get well soon, Sandra! I'll pray for your fast recovery~ ^^

Jason laucht said...

looks nice!

SANDRA AZWAN: Fashion Designer said...

erika: I'm the lucky one! hahaha....btw, thanks erika! I dunno what to say anymore....ur so kind la...;-P ( FYI,i'm feelin' better now, thank god)

Jason: So nice!!!

Zoulhusni:My Emancipation said...


virulent lolita tan benihime said...

beautiful~!!m a graphic designer but my skecthes r not pretty like yours and any other designer..huhu

ALdO AKiRA said...

1sT tiMe i viSiTed uR bLOG,
i jUSt caN't Say a WoRDs..
KEeP uR cReaTiVitY AZWAN..


Natalie Suarez said...

this is so awesome! i love it :)


are you dressing up or dressing down said...

These are so inspiring !

How on earth did you get your hands on them?


Anonymous said...

It irritates me that you failed to answer the basic question posed by most of your commenters.

All of these images are from Fashion Designers Sketchbooks by Hywel Davies, available to purchase on Amazon.

Stop acting like it's your "personal collection" of sketchbooks.


HELLO..... I'm sorry for any problems I might have caused you.Thats right, all of these amazing images are from Fashion Designers Sketchbooks by Hywel Davies. Thank you


Anonymous: FYI,i'm not saying that it's my 'personal collection' but let me make it clear that it is absolutely from 'MY PERSONAL BOOKS COLLECTION' for my personal library. I love BUYING books, OWNING them, READING them and LENDING them out.