Fitting: Little Black Swan

Little black swan by Faizal Hamid. Price upon request. Contact Sandra Azwan for more details.Model: Erina


Little Black Swan: Faizal Hamid

Another highly desirable Spring/Summer 2011 collection, from Faizal Hamid! More photos will be added soon. Faizal Hamid by Sandra Azwan. Contact Sandra Azwan for more details.


Jalan-jalan cari Caramel Macchiato!

Hello... (the face of 'so many things to do'!)

ish....ish...banyaknye list nak kene beli dan buat! Lord, help me...

Zip jacket, inter facing, butang, gunting, gunting kecik......sos tomato? Julian!!!!

Slurpp slurppp.....eermm, sedapnye! location: The Coffee Bean ( not starbucks), Pavilion

We come in peace!

Behind the scenes...with Oscar Munar! (click)


The Color Purple.....

model : Evon Tan
photographer : Oscar Munar
make-up & hair : Shahnaz Bahar
wardrobe & stylist : Sandra Azwan
location : KLCC, Malaysia


Stay tuned!

Hello lovely bloggers and readers! More pictures will be added soon and keep on viewing my blog page! Thank you, with love....Sandra Azwan

model : Evon Tan
photographer : Oscar Munar
make-up & hair : Shahnaz Bahar
wardrobe & stylist : Sandra Azwan
location : Putrajaya


Fashion Designers' Sketchbooks!!!

Antonio Marras for Kenzo

J.W Anderson

Jean-Pierre Braganza

Johji Yamamoto

John Galliano!!!

Aitor Throup

Frank Leder

Emma Cook

*Images via Fashion Designers Sketchbooks by Hywel Davies.



Original potraits of Top NewComers S/S 2011 by Danny Roberts

© by Danny Roberts Top 10 Newcomers takes on a whole new twist with Danny Roberts transforming the girls into expressive portraits! More paintings from Danny Roberts in this series of exclusive portraits commissioned for models.com’s MDX, feel free to visit MDXTRA
U will be amazed!!




With 'fashion guru' Mr.Faizal Hamid, da big boss!


Check this out!!

Behind the scenes: Kau bisu by Alyah (click), Kau bisu-MTV Media Screening (click), Music video preview (click)


I'm in prison!

Hello lovely readers and bloggers! A quick post for today was inspired by Pudu Jail. These are my exclusive photos during a photoshoot session with international photographer- Oscar Munar. I'm havin' so much fun talking and laughing plus messing around with the models- Deanna and Natasha Hudson...and not to be missed, Shahnaz Bahar- our very own stylist and make-up artist! I have never been to Pudu Jail before ( of course la, for what?) and when I'm here for the very first first time in my life, it looks scary, creepy and sad! Well, say good bye to our very own historic prison-Pudu Jail! Fyi, I've been wandering what is going to be build at the Pudu Jail site, apartments? So, what do you think? All images copyrighted. Please do not reproduce these images without my permission. Thank you and enjoy! More pictures will be added soon. Keep on supporting my blog page and thank you for your time.