Koala with no lumpur!

Hello lovely readers and bloggers. A quick post for today was inspired by Koala Bear! I just received this lovely ‘patung’ koala bear with no baby on its back, straight from Australia. Thank you Kak Zura!

The first fact you should know about koalas is that they are NOT bears! but a marsupial. Koala bears or marsupials....I don't care!

In this photos: From left, (Apr 01, 1959) Sir Edward Hallstrom holding gently his Koala bear and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt admires a mama koala carrying her cute and 'tembam' baby on her back. Imagine if people had to do that with their kids in real life! via life.com

Koala Bear fashion trend!! Would you dare to wear? That's all for today! Koala Bear Felted Merino Baby Booties via etsy.com, Swarovski Crystal Aussie Australian Koala Bear Pendant Necklace via ioffer.com , the rest via Google Images.


nyc fashion said...

omg this is so sweet !

Royce Reed- God on a Wheel! said...

I adore fur!

ErikaToh said...

Hi Sandra!^^ Yeah, I love koala bears too~ They're so cute and fluffy plus they're harmless too~ :D

EmakSayeSuperb said...

ouuuu.. cute!!! nak jugak!!