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As seen in EH! Magazine October issue. Contact Sandra Azwan for more details.

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Hello Malaysia! Untuk pengetahuan semua, sepanjang minggu ini, merupakan minggu terbz saya dan kalau tak update 'life with Sandra' akan membuatkan perasaan dan jiwa meronta-ronta! Jadi, terpaksalah jugak menggigihkan jari-jemari yang kesakitan akibat asyik tercucuk oleh jarum peniti ini cuba untuk menaip walau sebaris ayat sekalipun. To all my lovely readers and followers, keep on viewing 'life with Sandra' for more updates from me.Today's fortune: Smile( or muka cuak?). That's all.


Pretty in White!

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P/s: Sandra Azwan short dresses ( Price upon request) (click)Something new from me, Strapless short dress-As seen in InTrend Magazine, October 2010. Go grab a copy of InTrend Magazine October issue now! Behind the scenes:Pawana Sang Putih! More pictures will be added soon....


Makan draping, tidor draping, mimpi draping, movie seamless!!!

Pembetulan: Garisan dilantai jubin

p/s: Under construction!


SUPERHEROES : Fashion & Fantasy

Hello readers, when I look at this book for the very first time, it seems to be completely out of the ordinary. Fyi, the story of a real superhero’s must be kept secret like when I was a little boy, I've always had this dream of becoming one of the great superheroes with amazing powers that will save the world from evil spirit and stuff. Well, at first it sounds a bit crazy and corny, but who cares! In this incredibly amazing book-SUPERHEROES: Fashion & Fantasy, it examines the influence on fashion of the costumes of great superheroes such as the one and only -Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Captain America, Spiderman and so on as represented in comic books, film and television. As a designer, I have always been fascinated by the idea of how clothing can transform the body, and even the perceive character, of the wearer. In this book, Giorgio Armani stated that fashion, like the superhero, allows you to dream and escape into a world of unfettered imagination.

On the other hand, we are all special with different habits, qualities, traits, strengths and weakness, in fact, each one of us is totally unique. We have to embrace our personality to the highest level. When we embrace our uniqueness, our gifts and talents come to life. Our soul has permission to shine through. When we conform in order to fit in, be accepted and avoid rejection, we shut down, numb out and give our ‘superpower’ away. For me and many people I know, it’s much easier to love and embrace the good - the best parts of us - our talents, positive personality traits, and the most attractive parts of our body. The bad parts are a little more difficult to love. Our ugly parts, the ones we often want to ignore or forget, are much more challenging to accept and appreciate. However, it’s these ugly parts that are the most crucial for us to love in order to be authentic and at peace in our life.

Superman, the creation of writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, was the first character to embody the definition of the superhero. Superman's costume, made from the blankets in which he was swaddled on his journey from krypton to earth, became the standard upon which successive superheroes were styled. (Clockwise from top left) Kirk Alyn in Superman (serial)-1948, Action Comics No.63-August 1943,George Reeves in Adventures of Superman-1952-58, Action Comics No.63-August 1943, Action Comics No.426-August 1973, Brandon Routh in Superman Returns 2006-Costumes by Louise Mingenbech, Actions Comics No.426-August 1973, Christopher Reeve in Superman 1978-Costumes by Yvonne Blake, Action Comics No. 222-November 1956

Bernhard Willhelm, in collaboration with the artist Carsten Fock, produced interpretations of the insignia that suggested the hurried handiwork of a graffitist. The iconic Superman looks from Bernhard Willhelm Spring/Summer 2006.

When Selina Kyle ( her real name) first appeared in Batman No.1- spring 1940, she was known simply as The Cat, a female burglar ( and an obvious reference to the recently coined term "cat burglar").
(clock wise from top left) Batman No.84-June 1954, Catwoman No. 1-August 1993, Julie Newmar in Batman (television series) 1966-67-costumes by Andrew Pallack and Jan Kemp, Superman's Girls friend Lois Lane No.70-November 1966, Eartha Kitt in Batman (television series) 1966-67-costumes by Andrew Pallack and Jan Kemp, Michelle Pfeifer in Batman Returns 1992-Costumes by Marry Vogt and Bob Ringwood, Batman No.355-January 1983.

From left: Julien McDonald Autumn/Winter 2003-2004, Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/summer 1989.

Undercover by Jun Takahashi Spring/summer 2008.

Created by Writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, the X-Men first appeared in The X-Men No.1, September 1963. Their code name is a reference not only to the X gene or "X factor "that causes mutant evolution, but also to professor Charles Xavier (a.k.a Professer X,) who founded the X-Men team. (clock wise from top left) The X-Men No.1-September 1963, Rebecca Romijin in X-Men: The last Stand 2006-Costumes by Judianna Makovsky and Lisa Tomczeszyn. Mystique appliances created by Spectral Motion, Mystique No.1-June 2003, Shawn Ashmore, Ellen Page, Halle Barry, Daniel Cudmore, Hugh Jackman, Kelsey Grammar, James Marsden, Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, Ben Foster in X-Men: The Last Stand-2006, Giant size X-Men No.1-May 1975, Kelsey Grammer in X-Men : The Last Stand 2006, Jessica Stam in Dolce and Gabbana Spring/summer 2007.

Bernhard Willhelm, Autum/winter 2004-2005.

From left: John Galliano, Autumn/winter 2007-2008, John Galliano, Spring/summer 2007-2008

As created by writers Roy Thomas and Gary Friedrich and artist Mike Ploog, Ghost Rider was a supernatural antihero who first appeared in Marvel Spotlight No.5, August 1972. Blaze's soul was bound to the demon Zarathos, and when using his powers Blaze is transformed into a leather-clad skeleton with a flaming skull. Both Ghost Rider and The Punisher embodied the Iron Age's focus on death, a focus that finds resonance in the costumes of John Galliano, Thierry Mugler, Alexander McQueen, and Walter Van Beirendonck. (clock wise from top left) Thomas Jane in The Punisher 2004-Costumes by Lisa Tomczeszyn, The Punisher No.1-July 18987, Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider 2007-Costumes by Lizzy Gardiner. Ghost Rider created by Sony Pictures Imagework (SPI), Ghost Rider No.1-September 1973, Thierry Mugler Spring/summer 1992.


Mi Reflejo!

Some people spend more time in front of the mirror than others, while some just take a quick glimpse while walking by. There are times when I look in the mirror and say to myself, Can it be you once played Romeo? LOL

Mirrors are everywhere, and they hold this great power to tell us where we stand in life, and how happy we are about it; so maybe we should try to use them towards this effect more often.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, What brand of sunglasses and hooded jacket am I wearing right now?


Goorin Jamil Fedora

Hello readers….for the past few weeks, I’m having a lot of fun spending great moments with my beloved family and away from this cyber world. It’s hard to navigate away my passion for blogging and at the same time thinking about it almost every day, just make me feel sick. There is an ultimate connection between me and the broadband that will never be torn apart but I just did! Can you believe that I have spending my past 3 weeks with no internet connection? It's incredibly hard to be away from an internet connection for more than a day at a time! I will never ever navigate myself away from the broadband or wireless networks that are actually available for me! Now days, things can be pretty bad if you have been posses with all this empowering technology that sells energy star. There is nothing on earth we can do to stop this accelerator of feelings and our virtually surround minds about our certified obsession for the internet and what goes around it! Done…….Now, I have something to share with all of you. It’s a fedora hat complete with well-laid pinstripes cinched with a triple pleated band! Personally, I’m not a big fan of hats and I'm not used to the fedora, but I’m completely happy to have this fedora that comes straight from New York. I'm thinking about wearing my fedora hat with red striped sweater, it looks so terrifying! For your information, my fedora name is Jamil and I just love the details and everything seems to be so perfect! Jamil can be out day or night and hold its own. For more information, simply visit GOORIN BROS.

P/s: Freddy Krueger, here I come!


He's wearing a belt!

From left;Louis Prades, Alexandre Gaillot & Laurent Albucher by Yannick Leconte for Guapo Magazine, Portrait | Topless with buckle belt, Nicholas Madrid by Richard Pier Petit and dazed & confused July 2010/ war hero via the fashionisto

From left;The face issue Aug/Sept 2010/Micky Ayoub shoot by Shannon Sinclair, Lost in the woods by ronan pecher,Brian Shimansky by Saverio Cardia for Slurp #8 in silver metal belt and l’officiel homes Germany- abstract moment via quote que quote.

From left-top;Boy in the box-Christian Plauche by Colin Angus,Adrien Brunier, Louis Prades, Alexandre Gaillot & Laurent Albucher by Yannick Leconte for Guapo Magazine,dazed & confused Japan April 2010/ dress up in layers (sequin sleeveless top with triple classic belt via quote que quote and another man magazine issue spring/summer 2010 in Gucci jacket with belt over it via quote que quote.



Salam…..Selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin, untuk pengetahuan semua saya mengambil ‘cuti sekejap’ dari menulis blog untuk menghabiskan masa bersama-sama keluarga bagi menyambut hari raya. Semangat saya untuk menulis diruangan blog ini dengan entry-entry terbaru semakin membara kerana terdapat banyak perkara yang saya ingin berkongsi bersama anda semua. Tidak dinafikan bahawa hari raya merupakan peluang untuk bertemu semula dengan rakan-rakan yang telah terpisah atau dengan kata lain ‘lost contact’. Apabila dapat bertemu kembali dengan rakan-rakan yang telah terpisah sejak sekian lama itu, gembira sungguh perasaan dihati. Banyak perkara yang dapat dan kepingin benar dikongsi bersama-sama rakan taulan termasuklah situasi setelah memasuki alam pekerjaan, pengalaman belajar didalam dan luar negara, dan pelbagai lagi aspek-aspek tertentu yang dapat membuatkan kawan-kawan bangga dengan kejayaan atau mungkin pencapaian luar biasa yang telah kita capai. Ramai juga rakan-rakan saya sewaktu dialam persekolahan dulu yang telah berjaya didalam bidang-bidang tertentu. Disini saya ingin mengucapkan syabas dan usaha perlu diteruskan sehingga segala penat-lelah selama ini berbaloi.

Soal hari raya pula tidak lengkap sekiranya anda tidak mengunjungi rumah yang terdiri daripada kaum keluarga anda, sanak –saudara mahupun rakan taulan. Pada hari raya pertama, seperti biasa saya dan keluarga mengunjungi ‘a must visit house’ iaitu rumah nenek a.k.a atok yang tersergam indah bak istana! Rumah atok ‘dulu-dulu’ telah di renovate, terasa rindu pulak dengan rumah kampong atok dahulu yang telah banyak membawa kenangan manis. Beraya dikampung sewaktu kecil dahulu sememangnya cukup seronok sekali. Mana tidaknya, menunggu peluang bapak saudara ,jiran-jiran, bff mama dan babah menghulurkan duit raya dan yang paling tak boleh dilupakan, ada seorang nenek tua yang boleh diklasifikasikan ‘tingtong’ cuba untuk membaling kerusi + memukul (katok) kearah saya (dalam loghat kedah) kerana setibanya dirumah(kedai runcit) nenek tua itu untuk beraya dan membeli keropok, kami hanya mendiamkan diri dan ini membuatkan nenek itu bosan kot? Bayangkanlah, setiap kali nenek itu mengajukan soalan, kami hanya diam sahaja!Ini sudah cukup membuatkan nenek tua itu naik marah! Cukup kelakar sekali teringatkan kisah itu.

Sewaktu kecil, dihadapan rumak nenek saya terdapat pokok asam yang paling besar dan yang tertinggi, kami adik beradik dan saudara mara yang ketika itu masih kecil, selalu menjadikan akar pokok asam itu sebagai ‘port’ untuk bermain. Tapi sekarang ,pokok itu telah ditebang kerana khuatir ia akan tumbang dan merobohkan rumah –rumah orang disekeliling. Pada hari raya pertama, rumah atok yang telah direnovate itu merupakan check point yang pertama, setelah selesai dengan check point yang pertama, seterusnya diteruskan dengan check point yang kedua iaitu rumah Pak Ngah a.k.a Pak Long Yang merupakan abang kepada ayah saya. Hilang segala rindu dihati dapat bertemu dengan sanak saudara terdekat kerana masing-masing sibuk dengan kerja dan sebagainya. So, hari -raya merupakan satu hari dimana peluang dapat berkumpul bersama-sama family members tersangatlah dinantikan. Pada hari raya yang kedua, saya banyak menghabiskan masa dirumah sahaja melayan tetamu yang bertandang ke rumah. Untuk pengetahuan semua, untuk tahun ini saya berhari raya di Sg.Petani, Kedah. Sudah lama saya tidak menjejakkan kaki disini dan peluang yang ada tidak akan saya siakan begitu sahaja.

p/s: Dihari raya, suka makan ketupat pulut berbentuk segitiga! Sungguh enak dimakan begitu saja…..Untuk pengetahuan semua, saya baru sahaja tiba dirumah (damansara perdana) dan tidak sabar untuk kembali bekerja seperti biasa.


Zipper Fashion Obsession

Paris Nicholson by Gustavo Marx for Y-3 Fall 2010 via The fashionisto

Xavier (black) © by Surface2Air/Colette ,sleeveless black leather jacket;Skin.Graft Spring 2011, Joshua Kloss by Tony Duran via The fashionisto

Black leather jacket from Rick Owens © by OKI-NI, Purple jacket;Paris Nicholson by Gustavo Marx for Y-3 Fall 2010 via The fashionisto

Cap sleeve Top with front zipper details, Sandra Azwan;RM650.00. Contact Sandra Azwan for more details.

Skirt with Zipper Details, Giacomo Morelli via The fashionisto