The Book of Narciso Rodriguez

Front covers: Spring 2008 fittings photographed by Narciso. Fyi, Rodriguez is the first designer in history to receive the Womenswear Designer of the year award by the CFDA for two consecutive years.

Hello readers.......The Book of Narciso Rodriguez; A tribute to designer Narciso Rodriguez and this crazy monograph reveals the artist at work in his atelier. Most of Rodriguez 'work of art' is inspired by the life that surrounds him-whether it's the nuances of faded paint on a facade, a pattern made by the sand, the gesture of a young man on a skateboard, or a crowd exiting the subway-and duly records his impressions with his camera or his journals and sketchbooks. Always experimenting with new materials and evolving silhouettes, he creates deceptively simple collages-artworks in their own right that yield objects of rare grace and beauty on the runway.
Based on this book, Rodriguez is interested in fashion that is approachable and his garments are meant to be worn in all walks of life-his runway collection goes straight to the women and men who wear the clothing. Talking about his source of inspirations, mostly it’s derived from the energy of urban life, references from art, music, film, and architecture all come into play, but fashion references do not. According to this book, he prefers to “look back in reverence, not reference.”

In this picture; a look from Spring 2008 photograph by Monica Feudi and black sand beaches of Tenerife, Canary Islands inspire embroideries.

Sun reflections inspire fabric patterns for Fall 2007. That's amazing, isn't it ?

Sketch of Fall 2007 black gown by Narciso Rodriguez photographed by Peter Riesett, also a gown embroidery details for Fall 2007.

Illustration by Narciso Rodriguez photographed by Peter Riesett. Glass on street photographed by Narciso and Karen Elson in Fall 2000 photographed for Harper's Bazaar © Craig McDean/Art + Commerce

Inspiration and fabric collages from Spring 2007, photographed by Peter Riesett. According to Narciso Rodriguez, one collage will lead to another until there is an entire board of raw silhouettes or "fabrics sketches"-fabrics duets that produce a symphony of color and shape that serves as a road map for the runway.For me, this is what I call a highly sophisticated visual imagination! Bravo.....

Some of the sketches/fashion illustrations by Narciso Rodriguez looks like 'mambang hitam' and what I can say is, his design truly speaks for itself!

Sketches by Narciso Rodriguez; photographs of Astor Place by Narciso Rodriguez. I just love the way he sketch. It looks effortlessly, weird and well......amazing!

Inspiration wall for the Fall 2004 collection, photographed by Frances M.Roberts. It is so inspiring and it looks totally great!

Working in his studio, Rodriguez balances a classic hands-on approach to design with a distinctive modern sensibility. His approach is essentially straightforward and traditional. When I look at his previous collections, it is simply beautiful and flawlessly elegant.“I choose my fabrics, think about what I want to make, how I want to make it: sketch it, pin fabric to the sketch, put it on the wall and send it down the runway.”

p/s: As a designer you need to have a library of visual references, so ask for fashion and art books for your birthday. With 260 somethin' pages, own it now! That's all.....

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Wow impressive~ I love books, but only science fiction, fantasy books. Good luck in your quest to be a successful designer. =)