It's a baby doll dress!

Baby doll dress ( in violet) Sandra Azwan, RM550.00. Contact Sandra Azwan for more details.


Oh..it's new!

Strapless cocktail dress, Sandra Azwan. Made-to-order, price upon request. Contact Sandra Azwan for more details.


FANTASI FANTASTIK - InTrend Magazine Ogos 2010

Retro space chic Judy Jetson dan Ratu Naboo Padme' Naberrie Amidala diangkat jadi muse YouthQuake 2010 dalam balutan ilham pereka super junior beranganan dalam fantasi serba fantastik. Ini olahan mereka untuk melebarkan tunas bernas biar jaguh kelak.

Konsep, penyelarasan dan penata fesyen: Iqbal V Azwan Mukhtaram (Vee)
Pembantu penyelarasan: Fifa Muhaidin dan Wan Noor Ain (Pelatih UiTM)
Fotografi dan pengimejan digital: Wan Izhar@White Studio
Solekan: Deric Lim
Dandanan: Ming Wong
Model: Sasha @ faces models

'Triple Helix'- Ultraviolet bersatu dengan perak dan hitam dalam rekaan clone bertiga dengan penegasan bahu dan variasi bentuk. PVC dan leather dicarik cantum menghasilkan a creation out of this world. Dress, leg piece, but dan sepatu, Sandra Azwan. Made to order-price upon request, contact Sandra Azwan for more details. Sarung tangan milik penata gaya.

Kiri: 'Steel Quantum'-Metalik perak dengan titanium kilat berpanel lipat segi tiga diangkuh bahu bertingkat dan hooded tinggi. Rompi pendek, Mahani Mat Zin. Sepatu tinggi rona aluminium, Rozlan Nassir. Sarung tangan dan kaca mata aviator milik penata gaya. Kanan: 'Marauder/Predator'-Ilham Jurassic dalam helaian fabrikasi hitam bertekstur sisik dan hijau alga cukup menawan. Elemen rekaan yang diterapkan dalam setiap helaian ini cukup mengagumkan. Instead of jemeki dan sekuin menghias, claws dan kuku menjadi pengganti. Atasan, jaket, celana pendek dan sepatu tinggi, Juliana Osman.

Kiri: 'Puncture Mars'-Merah menjahang tambah kilat, perak aluminium dan hitam bertekstur menghasilkan dimensi rekaan berasaskan moden dan pemikiran uber new. Diafragma segar dengan mainan eyelet dan melikar renda. Dress bahu jatuh, Hafiz Sabran. Sepatu, Rozlan Nasir. Gelang dan subang bulat milik penata gaya. Kanan: 'Reptilianation'-Jingga ambar, hijau alga balik cahaya bertekstur dan hitam bak kulit T-Rex menggamit rasa serba creepy dan surprisingly sebuah hasilan yang cukup edgy dan super interesting. Jaket berhud dan perincian belakang, Juliana Osman.

'Opaque'-Penegasan pada jeluk dan bahu dengan teknik kait gah melata di sepenuh bodice. Kain lapisan dalam dengan tunic hood hitam memberi ilham buat Padme' yang pasti jatuh cinta. Tunic dan atasan kain berat, Ramlah Hassan. Glove studded milik penata gaya.

Kiri: 'Anti-Satellite Cadet'-Dimensi Parabola deterapkan dengan elemen mainan quilting dan memfokuskan pada bahu dan volume. Tali pinggang bergancu aluminium perak dan jaring lelebar bikin look in complete. Romper senteng dan kaca mata, Amirul Khursaini. Rantai dan band studded. Juliana Osman. Kanan: 'Cascading Bitumen'-Jatuhan kain rona bitumen bertongkah-tongkah volume di kiri dress dengan panel pecah di bodice badan. Fabrikasi pilihan balik cahaya a much classier futuristic look. Dress lisu jatuh iring, Rozlan Nassir. But tinggi bergigi, Juliana Osman. Sarung tangan kulit milik penata gaya.

p/s: Sandra Azwan next fashion show @ Bukit Bintang! Sunday,8.30 pm...brought to you by Tourism Malaysia. See u there!


Books that saved my life

'I love the smell of old books,I require books as I require air'

At some point in my life, I can clearly see that in order to be super cultured and cool, there is a lot of things need to be done. What makes u special and different from the rest of your friends? What makes your personal blog more fabulous than the others? Do your personality and your lifestyle makes u greater than anyone else? Well, in order to answer these entire questions, I have to say that reading is everything and of course, it’s compulsory. I’ve been reading a lot of books lately and thank god, I don’t have to wear glasses because of my eyes are still in a good condition. Talking about being cultured and cool, here, I wanna thank Nancy MacDonell, author of IN THE KNOW-The classic guide to being cultured and cool- because of her books, it makes me more highly-knowledgeable and some of you must be wondering why did I say so? Well..…with this amazing book, there is a lot of helpful information that seems to be so important to me and of course, it makes me wiser enough to answer back all of the questions that my friends ask for such as how to pronounce correctly Azzedine Ala├»a: AZZ-uh-deen a-LIE-ah , Olivier Theyskens: oh-lee-VEE-ay TAY-skins, and the list goes on. IN THE KNOW-The classic guide to being cultured and cool is divided into 3 parts; culture, fashion and lifestyle- Covering everything from fashion and design to art and philosophy.

Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested. ~Francis Bacon

Being popular or rich, being cool is one of those hallmarks that have universal appeal, because they lead to instant admiration. And all of us, no matter our professional achievements or level of emotional security, yearn to be admired. We want to be perceived as polished, knowledgeable, sophisticated, and worldly wise. We want to wear the right clothes, reference the right films, and allude to the right artists. Let say, when we have people over for dinner at our place or anywhere, we want them to be impressed with our taste in food, books, music and anything else their eyes might land on. We also want to be asked where we shop, where we spend our evenings, and where we went on our last holiday. We want to hold our own on conversation. We want to be renowned for our exquisite taste. In short, we want to be cool. With this book, it's simply a handy guide to learn a little about a lot, without spending too much. But, let me ask u something. Does flaunting a Hermes Birkin or a quilted Chanel handbag really make you cool? But then again, many won't even bother. As long as you have the money, u can totally buy anything that makes u feel happy. Your Decision lies at Your Hands!

My ultimate possession-reading! Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled "This could change your life." ~Helen Exley

According to the book, there are still a few things money can’t buy. Love is one. Cool is another. But while love can be left to fate, cool doesn’t need to be. Though it may seem like something you’re born with, being super-cool is actually a code, and with this book, the key to the code is in here. Everyone recognizes the names of superbrands like Louis Vuitton and Prada, but what about Olivier Theyskens or Commes des Garcons? And even if you’ve got the means to make a major purchase, do you know a good buy when u see one? What I really love about this book is- it covers the basics that every fashionista’s mostly familiar with such as who the legends of design are and why their influence lives on, which talents to keep an eye on, and of course, what to wear. Furthermore, it also delves into the more esoteric-and entertaining-aspects of fashion: its muses, eccentric visionaries, forgotten idealist, and creative geniuses. You need to bear in mind that, in the know is a key and for me, it’s a useful and entertaining one…..and at least it will keep you from looking foolish! LOL

I love the smell of books. Old books and musty ink is the best, but new books/magazines and that 'fresh from the press' smell is great too.

The greatest!

p/s:So what about you? I know you must love books, too. What are you reading? What are you going to read? Any suggestions for me or anythin' u wanna share? It will be great! To all of my lovely readers, keep on viewing 'life with Sandra'. Terima Kasih (thank you)


The Book of Narciso Rodriguez

Front covers: Spring 2008 fittings photographed by Narciso. Fyi, Rodriguez is the first designer in history to receive the Womenswear Designer of the year award by the CFDA for two consecutive years.

Hello readers.......The Book of Narciso Rodriguez; A tribute to designer Narciso Rodriguez and this crazy monograph reveals the artist at work in his atelier. Most of Rodriguez 'work of art' is inspired by the life that surrounds him-whether it's the nuances of faded paint on a facade, a pattern made by the sand, the gesture of a young man on a skateboard, or a crowd exiting the subway-and duly records his impressions with his camera or his journals and sketchbooks. Always experimenting with new materials and evolving silhouettes, he creates deceptively simple collages-artworks in their own right that yield objects of rare grace and beauty on the runway.
Based on this book, Rodriguez is interested in fashion that is approachable and his garments are meant to be worn in all walks of life-his runway collection goes straight to the women and men who wear the clothing. Talking about his source of inspirations, mostly it’s derived from the energy of urban life, references from art, music, film, and architecture all come into play, but fashion references do not. According to this book, he prefers to “look back in reverence, not reference.”

In this picture; a look from Spring 2008 photograph by Monica Feudi and black sand beaches of Tenerife, Canary Islands inspire embroideries.

Sun reflections inspire fabric patterns for Fall 2007. That's amazing, isn't it ?

Sketch of Fall 2007 black gown by Narciso Rodriguez photographed by Peter Riesett, also a gown embroidery details for Fall 2007.

Illustration by Narciso Rodriguez photographed by Peter Riesett. Glass on street photographed by Narciso and Karen Elson in Fall 2000 photographed for Harper's Bazaar © Craig McDean/Art + Commerce

Inspiration and fabric collages from Spring 2007, photographed by Peter Riesett. According to Narciso Rodriguez, one collage will lead to another until there is an entire board of raw silhouettes or "fabrics sketches"-fabrics duets that produce a symphony of color and shape that serves as a road map for the runway.For me, this is what I call a highly sophisticated visual imagination! Bravo.....

Some of the sketches/fashion illustrations by Narciso Rodriguez looks like 'mambang hitam' and what I can say is, his design truly speaks for itself!

Sketches by Narciso Rodriguez; photographs of Astor Place by Narciso Rodriguez. I just love the way he sketch. It looks effortlessly, weird and well......amazing!

Inspiration wall for the Fall 2004 collection, photographed by Frances M.Roberts. It is so inspiring and it looks totally great!

Working in his studio, Rodriguez balances a classic hands-on approach to design with a distinctive modern sensibility. His approach is essentially straightforward and traditional. When I look at his previous collections, it is simply beautiful and flawlessly elegant.“I choose my fabrics, think about what I want to make, how I want to make it: sketch it, pin fabric to the sketch, put it on the wall and send it down the runway.”

p/s: As a designer you need to have a library of visual references, so ask for fashion and art books for your birthday. With 260 somethin' pages, own it now! That's all.....


Muzikal Uda Dara

Istana Budaya, panggung bertaraf dunia. Adakah pementasan teater-teater disini juga bertaraf dunia?

Hello……disini saya ingin berkongsi pendapat berkenaan dengan pementasan teater Muzikal Uda & Dara yang sedang ditayangkan di Istana Budaya sehingga 20 julai ini. Semalam, saya meluangkan masa untuk menonton teater arahan pengarah prolifik tahanair, Dato’ Rahim Razali. Untuk pengetahuan semua, beliau juga merupakan pelopor yang terlibat dalam sejarah pertama pementasan MUZIKAL UDA DARA pada tahun 1972 – hampir empat dekad lalu di Teater Eksperimental, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Teater Muzikal Uda & Dara ini merupakan karya Usman Awang. Pementasan ini ala2 Romeo & Juliet versi melayu lama tetapi pengakhirannya dilihat Uda mati dibunuh kerana isu darjat, kuasa dan ringgit menguasai manusia. Walaupun kedengaran sedikit bosan bagi sesetengah mereka yang tidak ambil peduli hal-hal sedemikian rupa, perlu diingat bahawa wang ringgit bukanlah segalanya. Kehidupan kita sebagai manusia di muka bumi ini hanyalah untuk sementara sahaja dan ini semestinya merupakan peringatan kepada saya juga. Fikir-fikirkanlah….(ayat!!) Lakonan Misha Omar pada babak2 sedih penceritaan berjaya dihidupkan(tersangatlah jelas sekali jeritan rintihan kesedihan oleh Misha) kerana untuk pengetahuan semua, ekspresi kesemua pelakon2 teater ini tersangatlah jelas kerana saya berada dibahagian paling hadapan dan ini sudah cukup untuk menghayati keseluruhan pementasan teater muzikal ini. Syabas diucapkan kepada Misha Omar! ( Misha Omar kelihatan ‘short’ diatas pentas.) Costume untuk Misha Omar kelihatan seperti Baba dan Nyonya.

Walaupun bukanlah peminat setia pementasan sebegini rupa, apa yang cuba disampaikan oleh pengarah tersangatlah jelas sekali. Tiada yang tersirat sehingga membuatkan penonton pening kepala untuk memikirkan apa yang sebenarnya yang terjadi. Boleh dikatakan, teater ini ‘senang tangkap’. Semasa sedang ‘asyik’ menonton teater muzikal ini, mood terganggu seketika kerana ade kesalahan-kesalahan teknikal yang teramat jelas sekali seperti gangguan di skrin utama dan muzik yang kedengaran sedikit kucar-kacir. Oleh kerana saya berada dibarisan paling hadapan, dapat dilihat dengan jelas sekali pemuzik-pemuzik dan suara-suara latar untuk teater ini yang berada dibahagian bawah ‘stage’. Semasa muzik tersalah tempo, dapat dilihat raut wajah mereka berubah dan ada yang menggigit jari! Sungguh mengujakan. Penari-penari wanita untuk teater ini boleh dikatakan kurang stamina berbanding penari-penari lelaki. Ini dapat dilihat dari segi ‘movement tarian’ yang tak berapa nak ‘sharp’ berbanding penari lelaki, yang seperti menjiwai watak dengan sepenuh hati! Walau bagaimanapun, saya sememangnya terhibur menonton pementasan teater muzikal ini kerana ada babak-babak ‘funny’ dimata saya, mungkin tidak dimata penonton lain. That's all....

p/s:I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer. For more information, simply visit Istana Budaya



ZOO calling!

T-SHIRT & Black jeans: ZARA Man, Shoes: Gucci, Sweater: Energie-Gilet Energie Buxom in Violet