Sandra Azwan

Sandra Azwan is a young Malaysian designer with a lot of potential and more importantly, an exceptional imagination. His characteristic design style could be compared to that of Nicolas Ghesquiere and Cristobal Balenciaga and he is most certain to have an impact on the fashion industry in the future.The Future Hybrid collection is an epitome of Azwan.

Intriguing concept, exceptional tailoring, rich colour and distinctive design. It consists of a series of forceful garments, all relying on the impact of bold colour and indefinable structure to captivate and astound. The use of greys and blacks give a certain sophistication whereas the scintillating shade of purple gives the collection a fresh outlook, adding an element of youth and audacity.

Contrasting fabrics including tough leather with a more delicate and elegant satin define each segment of the garments and also experiment with the impression of femininity and masculinity. The construction is flawless, clean shapes and complimenting patterns all making the silhouette an enthralling and remarkable aspect of the collection.

The female silhouette proves to be revolved and refined with the complex formation of pieces however it remains graceful and obtains a certain provocative and alluring poise. In my opinion, the Future Hybrid collection has a somewhat haunting effect although I would not consider this to be a negative impact. The ability of being able to provoke such a moving reaction is something many collections fail to do making Sandra Azwan even more prominent and distinguished as a designer.

Photograph by Rafil Thazali and Text by Kirstie Marié Banks.


jfook said...

Cool design. And nice shots.

MuseMono said...

That's an extraordinary creation. I swear if you didn't know it's yours I wold easily think it's created by the likes of Hussein Chalayan. I would love to shoot that dress professionally.

p.a.k.w.e. said...

love to walk in it

Alienor said...

you are awesommee sandra !!

Alienor said...

okayy sandra, i'll do a review, but I have to warn you I don't think I can write very well... I'll do it in the upcoming week !

I am... said...

inspiring by zaha hadid...o yess..that's gud.

Say Style said...

I LOVE your design!

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