My Top 10 looks from Balenciaga Fall 2010 Prêt-à-Porter

It’s unique and totally fresh. I just love the way Ghesquière cooperate with the oddly bright colors—pale blue, tangerine, brown, and aqua-the entire look from the collection seems to be completely easy, breezy and beautifully execute. Based from his previous prêt-à-porter collections, we can see that Nicolas Ghesquière is absolutely a great designer who can totally create a whole new image that will transform a women into something that look so fashion forward and above all, re-creating ‘The It Girl of The Future’. Apart from this, it is so amazing to see from year to year, he always have a brilliant new ideas and fyi, I never get bored with his artistic intelligence and his amazing skill producing a great collections or I would rather called a masterpieces. Talking about fashioning the future, Nicolas Ghesquière is the best to express modernity and progress. His amazing ‘work of art’ is not just about experimentation in the name of fashion, but it is more to reflecting women’s desires to free their body from all former restrictions to let in new possibilities.

All images from Style.com


Sarah said...

that's a really nice collection!
and thank you for the comment!


Sarah said...

oh thank you so much for the link!
I follow you!

have a wonderful weekend!!

Coco CHANEL 's CHILD said...

I really do find you are very talented !

Bravo !

And i have the same boots !!
I never shown them on mu blog.

And your ilustrations are uniks and fantastics :

Have a great success at anu points of view

And thanks a lot for your presence .


Kirstie Marié said...

I love the slight sixties influence in this collection! and for some unknown reason I am strangely in love with those shoes. You have a lovely blog!

Kirstie Marié

UnoCosa said...

amazing picks! xx

Berlin said...

My eyes just stared at those shoes, gorgeous. Haha, so far you have been saying cute a lot. Stop by on Monday /Tuesday for a new post =D


Berlin said...

Lol, no more 'cute' word in your dictionary? What's kanak2 ribena? Nothing to do with the Ribena drink right?


Rose Taylor said...

this is insane! those shoes are literally pieces of art. such an interesting post, great job!!!
xoxo, rose.

faradiba said...

owhh..heels.. i loike

Kitty said...

the shoes are amazing!

Anonymous said...

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