Fashion & Architecture

As a fashion student/designer, I have always been fascinated by the great influence of architecture, and have always been admiring architects; Zaha Hadid among others is my favorite. There is an extensive connection between architecture influences in fashion. Apart from that, fashion and architecture have a great deal in common may be surprising, given the obvious differences between the two disciplines. I’m eager to learn all this chemistry in a related field because there are plenty of interesting ideas involving with it. Fashion is thought of as temporary and superficial, using soft, sometimes fragile materials, whereas architecture is considered monumental and permanent, using stiff, highly durable materials. Their scales of production, too, are wildly different: In the world of fashion, designers create garments for human body while architects create buildings large enough for many bodies to live in at the same time. Here, it seems to be that, the point of origin for both practices is the ‘human body’. Both protect and shelter, while providing ways to express identity- whether it personal, political, religious, or cultural. If you have any information regarding on this interesting topic 'Influences of Architecture in Fashion Design' and vice versa, feel free to email me at sandraazwan@gmail.com
Thanks for your help.With love, Sandra Azwan


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

your so talented! im totally JEALLOUS!


Berlin said...

The outfit far left is great. The rest seems fine.


mi said...

perhaps you could look at other deconstruction architects besides zaha hadid such as rem kolhaas and others who have collaborated with fashion designers in designing spaces for them..