My name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist!

My first impression for this movie directed by Karan Johar is Wow! What a great movie. When I heard about this movie for the first time, I thought it might be just like an ordinary Hindustani movie but it is far beyond my expectations or even more. For me, Karan Johar is absolutely one of the greatest film makers and completely a great story teller. This amazing film is about Rizwan Khan played by the greatest bollywood star-Shah Rukh Khan, who grew up with his brother Zakir and his mother in Mumbai, India. Rizwan is absolutely unusual from the other children (with Asperger's syndrome) and no one, including his own mother, can understand why. However, he has certain gifts, particularly a special kind of capability to fix any machine that is broken except for the broken heart and feelings for love. His difference leads to special tutoring from a reclusive intellectual and extra attention from his mother. This attention, however, leads to a delicate level of jealousy from his brother Zakir, who eventually leaves his family searching for a better life in the United States of America. This amazing film can makes u burst into tears because, there is a lot of a mind-struggling and unpredictable sad emotion plot that is so hard to cope with. Mandira character played by Kajol is entirely pretty heavy but she did an enormous job in this movie by giving what she did best, expression of grief! From my point of view, when you try to mix-up the value of humanity and the religion, things can get worst. Furthermore, people should not be judged by their religion and of course in this film, by names.

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