Making up a toile

As you read this, I’ve been struggling roughly but in the most wonderful ways to finish up my first toile for my final year collections. Things turning into a disaster when I suddenly realize that I cannot even adjust or change the presser foot of the sewing machine because ‘someone’ just securely tighten the screw like hell and I cannot even loosening the screw, I just hate it……the screw and the presser foot just ruin my life and my bravado plus the screwdriver; it’s not helping at all- too tight too handle! I’m thinking about removing the screw with pliers, it might works! (after reading this article about ‘How to loosening a Tight or Stuck Screw’) -Thanks are due to many on alt.home.repair for this consolidation of suggestions.LOL

Well, I’m hoping that tomorrow, things will be very much back to normal and I don’t have to think about this shit anymore. (Sorry for the bad words) Sometimes, this kind of a situation (when your sewing machine is showing symptoms of troublesome problems) can really make u turn into a monster, but Lady Gaga version of Monster is much better! Lord, it’s extremely excruciating and at the same time pretty tough but, I just have to say that I’m glad with what I’m doing and there’s no such thing complaining about it! Just deal with it Sandra! For tomorrow, I’m going to look for the finest screwdrivers that are available in IKEA and hopefully it can lose my breath back to normal! Phew…..Lord, help me! ;-)
For more updates, keep on viewing 'life with sandra'......With love, Sandra Azwan

Ariel Aurora ( my sewing machine name) What is going on with you baby? Just tell me baby..... I won't hurt you, unless you were askin' for it!


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