Havin' fun!

lalalalala.....Platform boots;i-SOCKS Times Square, Belt from Topshop-One Utama


killer boots with killer looks from us!

Lady Gaga, I'm your biggest fans! Look at me now! I'm in here....Irfan in red sweater with black feather details.

With one of my junior! Erykah Badu wannabe is at my back, singin live!! Not bad....LOL

From left: Julie Meow in her own design, me and Hafiz ( My super BFF)

The greatest Superheroes just landed and lookin’ for Ice blended! Oh, I’m sorry, it’s not available in here but we do have slurpee (I’m talkin’ about 7-eleven is just around the corner) aaahhh.....

Strike a pose! 'Gila bergambar'( translate this) In this picture; Hafiz,Julie and Amirul ( with a mask).

Bend it like beckham baby!

What a fabulous night! I’m havin’ so much fun with all of my lovely friends, (the young new designers in town) ‘not all of them friendly enough to be my lovely friends’ at our very own fashion party, celebrates our enthusiastic passion for fashion and of course to have fun with our lovely junior students. For god sake, each one of us attempt to electrify the crowd by showing what it takes to be a great fashionistas and in addition not just a poser and also at the same time fulfill our wholeheartedly feelings for a high fashion taste( some of them just so sad and pathetic-What are you wearing? It’s not ‘futuristic’ at all). I have to say that I’m completely thrilled by the ‘aura’ that nighttime brings and all of us appear to take pleasure in every second of it. What a great moments to have! Fyi, It’s my final semester and I just wanna have great time with my super BFF. The most exciting and amazing part are the performances from each semester. I have to say that my very own group (in the final semester) is the coolest and completely the most hectic and energetic group ever in our fashion department history of fashion students! We only spend 2 days for practice but it turns out to be quite great. Even though it’s not pin-sharp moves -accept for the individual routines ; the first one to take the beat on is Hafiz( mix n match style), then Nizam( in black jacket), and after that it’s me-workin’ on my cute little butt and then we have Din( in his own design) and also the very last one, the one and only Julie~meow-(wearing her own design ) I’m so happy with our great performance and all of us just so excited about it and thank god, it’s workin’! For that amazing night, I’m wearing Gareth Pugh collections (just kidding) I’m wearing my own design and it takes about 2 days to complete it. A couple of days before the party begin, I’ve been thinking about wearing this kind of trench coat with quilting details and also with my very own platform boots just to add on punk-grudge essentials on it and it turns out to be fabulously cool and it makes me in high spirits- it makes me taller than ever! So, what do you think? I’ve been inspired by Gareth Pugh Men’s Collection- lots of grey, silver, black and I think it’s totally great.

P/s: I wanna thank InTrend magazine for chosen my blog to be one of the top 50 best blog in Malaysia. Thank you so much InTrend Mag.


Alie said...

HAHAA the shoes are GREAT !!!

Berlin said...

Where'd you get the shoes? Have a video on my blog.

Michele said...

Hahah awesome, I love your shoes and fierce posing!