What is Fashion?

Fashion Makers Fashion Shapers is a must-have read for fashionistas keen to discover why handcraft is so important to Dries Van Noten, why Luella Bartley loves mixing rebellion with traditional English style and why the founder of APC, Jean Touitou, “doesn’t make bags for bitches”.

Hello….for the past few days, it’s a busy living for me- you know, running on my final collections and my thesis-Lord! I’m happy to say that everything goes smoothly and nothing to agonize. Well, at least I’ve still have plenty of time to work on my possessions and the thing is, just like what Miranda Priestly has said in the film ‘the devil wears Prada’- it’s your job!! One of my friends said this to me, “Sandra, do you really love fashion or it is just for fun?” Before I answered the question, I take a long pause and said this to him, “You don’t have to love fashion for the sake of it. When you know it's meant to be, everything comes naturally. You just have to understand the reason of it in ‘your life’.

One of my favorite t-shirts, from ZARA. What is FASHION?

Why people always saying that “I’m in love with fashion”, but in reality- they just wish for the glamorous sides of it without understand it deep down inside their heart. When I look at my fellow friends who were also taking the same course with me, some of them were just like a poser! Yeah, that is the best words to describe these scumbags. This so called fashion student, they might look fashionable (too much) and whatever, but deep down inside of them, they don’t know nothing about what they were doing! It is so sad and completely pathetic! The thing is, they just don’t deserve to be part of it and it’s ashamed! I don’t care if you don’t like what I’m trying to say in here. I just did. Nowadays, anybody can be a designer. If you have money and extra power and some great connection, it will be easier for you to entering this ‘dog eats dog’ kind of world but, what makes the differences?

A precious copy of Vogue, September 2007

Things goes differently when I look at my friends who is so passionate and it looks like they’ve been possess or something! At least, they were happy with it and at the same time it gives me some sort of motivation to be better and fyi, it’s all about healthy competition. Talking about healthy competition, it’s a really good platform to maintain your reputation from going down. The thing is, you have somebody to cope with in a good direction- It’s all about finding a good quality of friends that will ensure you in a trail of accomplishment. That’s all for now…..With Love, Sandra Azwan


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Good question.

Alie said...

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