What is Fashion?

Fashion Makers Fashion Shapers is a must-have read for fashionistas keen to discover why handcraft is so important to Dries Van Noten, why Luella Bartley loves mixing rebellion with traditional English style and why the founder of APC, Jean Touitou, “doesn’t make bags for bitches”.

Hello….for the past few days, it’s a busy living for me- you know, running on my final collections and my thesis-Lord! I’m happy to say that everything goes smoothly and nothing to agonize. Well, at least I’ve still have plenty of time to work on my possessions and the thing is, just like what Miranda Priestly has said in the film ‘the devil wears Prada’- it’s your job!! One of my friends said this to me, “Sandra, do you really love fashion or it is just for fun?” Before I answered the question, I take a long pause and said this to him, “You don’t have to love fashion for the sake of it. When you know it's meant to be, everything comes naturally. You just have to understand the reason of it in ‘your life’.

One of my favorite t-shirts, from ZARA. What is FASHION?

Why people always saying that “I’m in love with fashion”, but in reality- they just wish for the glamorous sides of it without understand it deep down inside their heart. When I look at my fellow friends who were also taking the same course with me, some of them were just like a poser! Yeah, that is the best words to describe these scumbags. This so called fashion student, they might look fashionable (too much) and whatever, but deep down inside of them, they don’t know nothing about what they were doing! It is so sad and completely pathetic! The thing is, they just don’t deserve to be part of it and it’s ashamed! I don’t care if you don’t like what I’m trying to say in here. I just did. Nowadays, anybody can be a designer. If you have money and extra power and some great connection, it will be easier for you to entering this ‘dog eats dog’ kind of world but, what makes the differences?

A precious copy of Vogue, September 2007

Things goes differently when I look at my friends who is so passionate and it looks like they’ve been possess or something! At least, they were happy with it and at the same time it gives me some sort of motivation to be better and fyi, it’s all about healthy competition. Talking about healthy competition, it’s a really good platform to maintain your reputation from going down. The thing is, you have somebody to cope with in a good direction- It’s all about finding a good quality of friends that will ensure you in a trail of accomplishment. That’s all for now…..With Love, Sandra Azwan


Paper Doll Memoir

This is actually one of my final fashion Illustration when I'm doing my Diploma (2007). My earliest figure drawing (10+ years old) looks something like this. Is it adorable? ;-)

Hello……When you have so many possessions to distribute with the people all in the region of you, sometimes it can make you feel under the weather of it. Before I begin, I have one question to ask, when do you become conscious that you have vast potential of doing what you were dealing with now? Looking back at my preceding years- when I’m in secondary school, me and my little brother, Julian- we’re from top to bottom enthusiastic in collecting this extremely small figure called ‘Paper Doll’ (what a shame) Lord, it is so embarrassing to actually doing it and playing with it (when I was 10+ years old) In reality, this small thing is totally for ‘girls’ and for me, it’s a leisure pursuit + escapism and we were just like so ‘in to it’ because of perhaps ‘the voice’ from the above want to enlighten me with something , we’ll…….who knows?

The hilarious part is re-designing the clothes (with names such as Taylor, Sarah and so on……I can’t remember, so many cute names) for the ‘paper dolls’ to wear and also, create this award for the best evening wear plus ‘Miss World’ competition using the paper dolls as the contestant, can u imagine that? This is so crazy! (I just can’t believe that I’m actually doing it) Back in school, when teacher explaining something in front of the class, I held in reserve busying myself sketch cute little figure from page to page (at the bottom part of each pages) and it becomes a routine for me (when I receive a new textbook- later, it’s going to be my sketch book).

Playing with ideas for my final illustrations, 2010 final collections.

When some of Julian’s friends receive the same textbook, they can actually identify that, before this- it’s a Julian’s brother textbook! It is all based on my figure drawing inside the text book. For your information, I became popular because of all of my tiny illustration complete with full dress figure- accessories and shoes is everywhere, from science textbook to ‘Pendidikan Islam’ up to the wall school , tables and chairs! But now, I’m doing it for real. I’m doing it to make a living out of my life and from now, the figure drawing looks much more stylish + advance than before (process of learning!) From time to time, I’m actually improving my drawing skill and I just feel affection for doing it. It is some sort of expressing myself from within.

Finally, I stop doing what I’m in love with collecting ‘paper dolls’ because the feeling of I’m already a grown up man suddenly start to spread all over my body and I’m no longer a collector. On the other hand, I’m feeling like I am not suppose to amuse myself with this cute little thing because of I’m a boy but not yet a man! Well, it is just for fun. There is nothing wrong with it! For your information, I do take things seriously at school. I’m a good student actually except for my behaviour for rendering everywhere. Is it art or vandalism? Yeah…..it’s a cute approach of vandalism! Lord, it is so amusing to actually recall back all the memoirs of my mind. The truth is, there is nothing to be ashamed with. I’m actually proud of it! Just look at what I am now! Fashion designer in the making! So, what else?
With love, Sandra Azwan


The September Issue

"I started at American Vogue the same day as Anna did," Grace says. "I think we understand each other. She knows I'm stubborn, I know she's stubborn. I know when to stop pushing her . . . she doesn't know when to stop pushing me."

“People constantly make the mistake of comparing London with New York, Milan and Paris and that's not what it's about. London has its own fashion identity. You come here to find the next Alexander McQueen or John Galliano.”

Starting from this moment, there is no more time for me to express amusement around or making stupid shaggy dog story just to please everyone. I have to be stern all the time. For your information, this year will be my closing year as a fashion student and I have to work triple than the usual. Can you believe it? When I wake up early in the morning, the first thing that came up to my mind would be, lord….THESIS! Well….there is nothing to be worried about. I’m fully equipped physically and mentally to face this commission and hopeful it will be easy, breezy and beautifully completed.

Anna Wintour, age 19. “Fashion isn’t about looking back, it’s about looking forward.” Except for Anna’s hair.

It's too much.....nampak macam makcik2 pun ade! U nak ke masuk dalam ruangan OK ke TAK OK?

For this final semester, I’m doing my thesis about modernism expression in fashion design. Modernism expression? What is that? Do you have any ideas on what I’m doing or you just nowhere to be found? For me, this topic seems to be interesting and I’m completely thrilled about it. Ok……I’m not going to talk about my theory in here because it might sounds boring to you, isn’t? So, let’s move on!

Anna's apparently not a fan of black...........
What, no color in this collection, Stefano? No evening?

After watching the real ‘The Devil Wears Prada’- The September issue, it gives me some sort of enthusiasm to really appreciate what I’m really doing now. I’m in love with this documentary kind of film because; well…..it’s Anna Wintour baby! Anna Wintour is the brains behind Vogue. Madame Anna is my icon and she’s so inspiring and real. I’ve been watching this 10 times already and it was great and ……..speechless! Watching this film gives such a big impact to me. There is no such word to describe Anna’s passion for fashion and of course passion for VOGUE. It is hard to believe!

Pernahkah kau bermimpi, seketika...berada ditempatku!

Anna and her daughter, Bee Shaffer, are at their Long Island home. They flip through old September issues; they have every issue of Vogue that Anna has ever worked on. While not particularly affectionate with her daughter, she does ask her advice on possible Charlize Theron covers. When the director asks Bee if she would ever work for the magazine, she immediately shakes her head. "I think I'm going to law school," she says.

In this documentary about the life and work of Vogue editor Anna Wintour and her creative director, Grace Coddington- there is a lot of things going on while making this extraordinary bible of fashion-The September Issue of 2007 and for me this is completely amazing and there is nothing hidden. Everything is revealing and incredibly remarkable. Being a legendary editor-in chief for 20 years at VOGUE is a tough position and she did her best to remain at the crown of fashion field. For me, she is the supernatural being of fashion! There’s nobody can take that position from her.

What is that?

Cedapnye kopi nie...... Gulp

Being Anna Wintour is like being a Superior Class Woman. All her expressions and everything seem to be so imperative and amazingly hard to defeat. What I really love about Anna Wintour is the fact that she is through the years, has become regarded as one of the most powerful people in fashion, setting trends and anointing new designers. What I learn from the movie is the charming side of Anna Wintour, her wonderful persona, passionate and so committed to celebrating beauty and her radical notion that clothes, models and photographers could tell stories and not just be objects. When I look at her ‘iconic’ style, pageboy bob haircut and frequently-worn sunglasses- that’s it, this is Anna Wintour and u can’t say anything about it and she might say that- this is my style and it will remain forever! So, what else?

With love, Sandra Azwan