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"My most over-worn item? My 'good luck' underwear."

Seakan-akan berada di taman 'Alice in the wonderland' versi 80an!


No tittle

Cantiknya kasut tu.....haha, dush!! 3 kali

Gulp!! Tercekik meggi.....LOL. Long sleeve top, Armani Exchange. Feel free to check this out:


I love my job

Buat sesuatu perkara dengan bersungguh-sungguh, kita pasti akan berjaya.

I love my job…..I love my job! I love it more and more each day.....I think my job is really swell, there’s nothing else I love so well! Ho ho ho…….Hello semua, buat masa sekarang terlalu banyak perkara yang perlu didahulukan dan saya semestinya tidak mahu menghampakan anda semua dengan tiada penulisan atau gambar-gambar ‘terlatest’ diblog saya ini. Walaupun terlalu sibuk dengan ‘kerja’, blog semestinya perlu ‘diupdatekan’ supaya ia dapat melakar senyuman diwajah anda. That’s all for now folks and keep on viewing ‘life with Sandra…..’Terima kasih. Satu lagi perkara, kepada anda semua yang baru sahaja menjadi pengikut/followers blog saya ini, ribuan terima kasih diucapkan kerana kesudian anda untuk berkongsi cerita dengan saya. Saya amat berbesar hati dengan kesudian dan keikhlasan hati anda wahai para bloggers and I will get back to you ASAP! With love, Sandra Azwan

Sandra Azwan Fashion Illustration paintings (2007) for sale! Contact Sandra Azwan for more details.

Rekaan/design terbaru dari Sandra Azwan exclusively for .....magazine, coming soon!

Sumber rujukan/reference yang berharga! Anda mahu melihat isi kandungannya yang membuatkan saya menjadi taksub + teruja dengan segala-galanya( story-mory/gambar)? Keep on viewing 'life with Sandra.....'LOL


The Little Black Swan

Faizal Hamid has been creating his mark in the fashion industry since 15 years ago. A fashion consultant with master’s Degree in Environmental Arts(Fashion) from Syracuse University in New York and Bachelor’s Degree Holder from UiTM Shah Alam, Faizal currently lecturers in Fashion at UiTM beside being a consultant and a freelance fashion writer. Faizal’s foray in the flamboyant industry has brought him to Paris and New York and the opportunity to work with international fashion houses such as Christian Lacroix, Calvin Klien and Donna Karan. His expertise is very much demand locally and internationally.

The Collection

This stunning new collection for Spring/Summer 2011, Little Black Swan, focuses on cocktail and evening dresses with intricate craftsmanship and chic flourishes. Luxurious fabrics and a modern perspective fuses classis iconic silhouette with a cutting edge aesthetic. Little Black Swan references the art house film, particularly Natalie Portman in ‘Black Swan’. Her character embodied the traditional undeniable beauty, grace and irresistible yet gradually haunting. As cocktail and evening dresses paraded down, the 10 looks run the gamut of what any fashion-forward woman would clamor to wear. Like the mix of taffeta, chiffon and tulle with elements of demi-couture, intriguing and soigné with the black silk organza mini dress with effortlessly draping for the bodice and exquisite dress gown with a refine construction. Little black swan by Faizal Hamid. Price upon request. Contact Sandra Azwan for more details.

The one and only, Mr. Faizal Hamid. Bravo! Photographs by Rafil Thazali

Feel free to check this out: Fitting#Little Black Swan! (exclusive photos)


The Reader

Hello readers and fellow bloggers. Reading is absolutely one of the most important possessions in my life as a fashion designer. There is no doubt that it can totally enhance my understanding towards desirability on fashion. Lately, I've been flipping through a lot of books that featured all these remarkable designers from different era and of course, I've always get inspired by the line of attack that fashion revolves around them in the most spectacular ways! Feel free to check this out:Books that saved my life

P/s: Membaca itu penting.....bukan hanya setakat melihat pada gambar!


Being versatile & fashionable is not enough?

Key items, A: white shirt-GAP and Black PU Leather front zipper jacket-Sandra Azwan, B: Grey henly shirt-Club Monaco and Grey jacket-Uniqlo, C: Long sleeve top-Armani Exchange and Gilet buxom sweater-Energie, D: Black hooded jacket and inside shirt-Zara, E: Grey shirt worn inside-Sandra Azwan and white front zipper jacket-Zara.

P/s: U just have to be crazy!


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So many people to thank, so little desire to inflict a load of mwah-mwah acknowledgments on the reader. Oh, well, tough luck.And so, a big thank-you from the bottom of my heart to all of you my lovely readers! Life with Sandra..... is on Facebook! (exclusive group + fan page) Be part of my life, feel free to join now! Do You Like This?


Sandra's choice

Cut it out. Solid bronze and black, short sleeve dress with contrast zipper Detail. Price upon request. Contact Sandra Azwan for more details.


It's Fashion, Baby!

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