2010 and L.O.V.E

Happy New Year

Hello readers (up till’ now, I have 34 followers, keep on following me…;-P) First of all, happy new year-2010. This is the year that I’ve been waitin’ for my ‘life as a student’. So this year as soon as the clock strikes 12 in the midnight on the 31st December, another fresh new year is here. Another year to live, to banish worry, doubt and fear, to love and laugh and give! I’m hoping that this bright new year will be given me to live each day with a blast of happiness….to daily grow and try to be my highest and my best. I finally have the opportunity once more to right some wrongs (as human beings, mistakes are a must on the Road to success…..and I learn from it) to pray for peace and above all….L.O.V.E cause’ love is in the air…...
Talking about 2010, my next collections will be something new and fresh. It’s all about innovation through design with its own perspectives. While working on the ideas and at the same time adapting the inspiration on it, I’ve learn that in order to create or designing something, the understanding of the whole concept is absolutely important before you can deliver it well.
I’m in love playing with the flow of the ideas, space, shapes and form based on my inspirations just to get the whole image of it. Based on my research on Zaha Hadid’s buildings and projects, we see only what we have trained to perceive. If only we can look in fresh ways, we can change the world by just that act. We need to open our eyes, our ears and our minds to the realities of our existence. Then, we will be able to be free.
I’ve been inspired by Zaha Hadid’s amazing work because she sees like a camera. As she draws the world around her, she draws out its unconscious spaces. She finds what is latent in the constructions of our modern world and storyboards them into utopias….and for me, this is so amazing and I can feel the connections between me and Hadid’s work in real life. I’ve been amazed by all of her amazing work and it is so inspiring to get started working on my collections. Keep on viewing my blog page for more updates on my latest collections.



afiq said...

all the best for 2010....
btw tenkiu.. follow blog i... heheehhe :P

anastasheeka said...

new year to you too :)
loves all your sketches and ideas.
im looking forward to learn more on how to make my research look presentable from u. :)