Dancin' with my mind

My first dance video on youtube! The music (catch by V Factory) were completely crazy...love it. It's gettin' hot in here..HAHAHA

For the readers who remain watching my videos on youtube and this blog - I appreciate your support. Please know, it isn't you, it's me...... hehehe;-) Hello.....lately, I’m havin' this kind of 'mood' on posting my very own video on YouTube! Yeah.......I’m not joking, it's true....Well, from now on, u can see me dancin' hard on YouTube plus some other thing that makes me go crazy....it's quite great la, u should watch it! For your information, I love to dance ( with my very own style la)....so, this is one of the way for me to express my individuality and at the same time my so called 'hidden talent' to the world! ~LOL
Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.
This is actually my first video ( singin' note to god) on Youtube ( already delete la) I hate it!! Julian: A note to god? Are u mad? This is all wrong......

My first video on youtube- I'm singin' this song from Charice Pampengco called 'note to god' and I've already deleted it because I dont like it! I'm not into singin' (some people kinda like it-hahaha) When I hear this NEW( x la baru sangat) song called 'catch' by V Factory, I kinda like fall in love with it.It's very catchy and the beat of the music just totally great and I've told myself that..... Sandra, u have to do something with this song! Then, boom......it became coco crunch!! ~LOL ;-)
This is one of my favorite....it's called 'kaku-aku' by Shila! and the truth is, I'm not 'kaku' at all.....hehehe

To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.When I dance and messin' around with my webcam, this is some sort of 'workout' for me...... Dancing is not only fun and great, but it's also a good way to stay physically fit! (I’m happy to be slim & slender) Exercise doesn't have to be utter drudgery, especially when you can dance your way to health. Isn’t? and also it's a mild form of exercise for the heart. It's much more pleasurable than walking around, and probably much more thorough because it involves the entire body......yeah, I can feel it!;-)

Behind the scene-deleted scene! A must-see video...;-)

Feel free to watch me dancin’ on YouTube, just type-search: Sandra Azwan, as simple as that!! U will be amazed....I’m not practicing all the step, it comes to me naturally and I just have to listen to the beat and then I just start workin’ on my body, that’s all...... feel free to add on comments and whatever la.....for me, this is my escapism and once again.....I love to dance! I just don't know what to share anymore,hehehe....;-) This is just for fun.......;-) I put stuff here to hold a place for my thoughts and to generate ideas in the collective hive mind. May God bless you if you venture off from here never to return. Should you decide to check in every now and then, or keep me on your blogroll, well, I am grateful that you have decided to keep the conversation going with me. Thank you. For more updates from me, keep on viewing 'life with Sandra' Enjoy life to the fullest!

With love, Sandra Azwan

p/s: Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.


FUTURE PERFECT by sandraazwan

Playing with the ideas.....

I finally have time to write a post.....ok so I'm a bit overdue for an entry but here I am...ready to write and uploading new pictures to my blog. First of all, I'm in love with fashion and architecture. There are a lot of similarities between fashion and architecture.

There are kind of broad connections where fashion and architecture are both addressing our basic human needs like, for example, shelter. Also, it is their mutual way to express identity. Moreover, both architects and designers use quite a similar process to design something.Talking about design process, i'm in love with draping technique and i kinda like good at it...hehehe

For me, draping is like architecture: the body is the armature, the internal structure, and the fabric, like skin, glides over this frame. Fabics falls and twists, form knots, bends and curves, like a river it ebbs and flows over the contours of the body.I know it may seem a bit abstract and that's the way it is!

Tengku Azura & Eryna

For this one of a kind creation, I'm using different kind of fabrics, colour tone and also new approach of experimenting the flow of the lines and the structured elements in it just to add more feels to the design. Looking back at my previous design( when I'm in semester 3 &4) I've been inspired by this world first rotating tower and for this semester its a wrap of everything. I'm goin' to have my new inspiration and of course it's all about fashion vs architecture!(not the same building la)

"Fashion fulfils its fundamental function when worn by humans. Whether that function is to protect the body or to create a symbolic meaning, it displays its worth when met by a body. The action of choosing clothes and wearing them - the action of making style - is a kind of art as well as a sphere within design. I think that all individuals are a living form of artwork."

Tengku Azura strike a pose!

Furthermore, Fashion and architecture have always shared a reciprocal relationship based on common visual and intellectual principles. Both produce environments defined through spatial awareness and create structures based on volume, function, proportion and material.

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Architecture is making its presence felt in fashion through the use of pliable metals, membrane structures, lightweight glasses and flexible plastics. At the same time, contemporary architects are borrowing the techniques of pleating and draping from traditional tailoring to design buildings that are interactive, inflatable, and even portable.

Comparisons of architectural gurus like Rem Koolhas, Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry with those of fashion designers including Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Commes des Garcon, Hussein Chalayan, Junya Watanabe and Issey Miyake reveal that the disciplines have much in common. Architects and fashion designers have been speaking the same language for a long time.;-P

Thanks for visiting my blog page. Keep on viewing 'life with sandra' for more updates. With love, SANDRA AZWAN