2010 and L.O.V.E

Happy New Year

Hello readers (up till’ now, I have 34 followers, keep on following me…;-P) First of all, happy new year-2010. This is the year that I’ve been waitin’ for my ‘life as a student’. So this year as soon as the clock strikes 12 in the midnight on the 31st December, another fresh new year is here. Another year to live, to banish worry, doubt and fear, to love and laugh and give! I’m hoping that this bright new year will be given me to live each day with a blast of happiness….to daily grow and try to be my highest and my best. I finally have the opportunity once more to right some wrongs (as human beings, mistakes are a must on the Road to success…..and I learn from it) to pray for peace and above all….L.O.V.E cause’ love is in the air…...
Talking about 2010, my next collections will be something new and fresh. It’s all about innovation through design with its own perspectives. While working on the ideas and at the same time adapting the inspiration on it, I’ve learn that in order to create or designing something, the understanding of the whole concept is absolutely important before you can deliver it well.
I’m in love playing with the flow of the ideas, space, shapes and form based on my inspirations just to get the whole image of it. Based on my research on Zaha Hadid’s buildings and projects, we see only what we have trained to perceive. If only we can look in fresh ways, we can change the world by just that act. We need to open our eyes, our ears and our minds to the realities of our existence. Then, we will be able to be free.
I’ve been inspired by Zaha Hadid’s amazing work because she sees like a camera. As she draws the world around her, she draws out its unconscious spaces. She finds what is latent in the constructions of our modern world and storyboards them into utopias….and for me, this is so amazing and I can feel the connections between me and Hadid’s work in real life. I’ve been amazed by all of her amazing work and it is so inspiring to get started working on my collections. Keep on viewing my blog page for more updates on my latest collections.



Dancin' with my mind

My first dance video on youtube! The music (catch by V Factory) were completely crazy...love it. It's gettin' hot in here..HAHAHA

For the readers who remain watching my videos on youtube and this blog - I appreciate your support. Please know, it isn't you, it's me...... hehehe;-) Hello.....lately, I’m havin' this kind of 'mood' on posting my very own video on YouTube! Yeah.......I’m not joking, it's true....Well, from now on, u can see me dancin' hard on YouTube plus some other thing that makes me go crazy....it's quite great la, u should watch it! For your information, I love to dance ( with my very own style la)....so, this is one of the way for me to express my individuality and at the same time my so called 'hidden talent' to the world! ~LOL
Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.
This is actually my first video ( singin' note to god) on Youtube ( already delete la) I hate it!! Julian: A note to god? Are u mad? This is all wrong......

My first video on youtube- I'm singin' this song from Charice Pampengco called 'note to god' and I've already deleted it because I dont like it! I'm not into singin' (some people kinda like it-hahaha) When I hear this NEW( x la baru sangat) song called 'catch' by V Factory, I kinda like fall in love with it.It's very catchy and the beat of the music just totally great and I've told myself that..... Sandra, u have to do something with this song! Then, boom......it became coco crunch!! ~LOL ;-)
This is one of my favorite....it's called 'kaku-aku' by Shila! and the truth is, I'm not 'kaku' at all.....hehehe

To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.When I dance and messin' around with my webcam, this is some sort of 'workout' for me...... Dancing is not only fun and great, but it's also a good way to stay physically fit! (I’m happy to be slim & slender) Exercise doesn't have to be utter drudgery, especially when you can dance your way to health. Isn’t? and also it's a mild form of exercise for the heart. It's much more pleasurable than walking around, and probably much more thorough because it involves the entire body......yeah, I can feel it!;-)

Behind the scene-deleted scene! A must-see video...;-)

Feel free to watch me dancin’ on YouTube, just type-search: Sandra Azwan, as simple as that!! U will be amazed....I’m not practicing all the step, it comes to me naturally and I just have to listen to the beat and then I just start workin’ on my body, that’s all...... feel free to add on comments and whatever la.....for me, this is my escapism and once again.....I love to dance! I just don't know what to share anymore,hehehe....;-) This is just for fun.......;-) I put stuff here to hold a place for my thoughts and to generate ideas in the collective hive mind. May God bless you if you venture off from here never to return. Should you decide to check in every now and then, or keep me on your blogroll, well, I am grateful that you have decided to keep the conversation going with me. Thank you. For more updates from me, keep on viewing 'life with Sandra' Enjoy life to the fullest!

With love, Sandra Azwan

p/s: Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.


FUTURE PERFECT by sandraazwan

Playing with the ideas.....

I finally have time to write a post.....ok so I'm a bit overdue for an entry but here I am...ready to write and uploading new pictures to my blog. First of all, I'm in love with fashion and architecture. There are a lot of similarities between fashion and architecture.

There are kind of broad connections where fashion and architecture are both addressing our basic human needs like, for example, shelter. Also, it is their mutual way to express identity. Moreover, both architects and designers use quite a similar process to design something.Talking about design process, i'm in love with draping technique and i kinda like good at it...hehehe

For me, draping is like architecture: the body is the armature, the internal structure, and the fabric, like skin, glides over this frame. Fabics falls and twists, form knots, bends and curves, like a river it ebbs and flows over the contours of the body.I know it may seem a bit abstract and that's the way it is!

Tengku Azura & Eryna

For this one of a kind creation, I'm using different kind of fabrics, colour tone and also new approach of experimenting the flow of the lines and the structured elements in it just to add more feels to the design. Looking back at my previous design( when I'm in semester 3 &4) I've been inspired by this world first rotating tower and for this semester its a wrap of everything. I'm goin' to have my new inspiration and of course it's all about fashion vs architecture!(not the same building la)

"Fashion fulfils its fundamental function when worn by humans. Whether that function is to protect the body or to create a symbolic meaning, it displays its worth when met by a body. The action of choosing clothes and wearing them - the action of making style - is a kind of art as well as a sphere within design. I think that all individuals are a living form of artwork."

Tengku Azura strike a pose!

Furthermore, Fashion and architecture have always shared a reciprocal relationship based on common visual and intellectual principles. Both produce environments defined through spatial awareness and create structures based on volume, function, proportion and material.

Soft denim short dress-RM994.00- contact SANDRAAZWAN for more information.

Architecture is making its presence felt in fashion through the use of pliable metals, membrane structures, lightweight glasses and flexible plastics. At the same time, contemporary architects are borrowing the techniques of pleating and draping from traditional tailoring to design buildings that are interactive, inflatable, and even portable.

Comparisons of architectural gurus like Rem Koolhas, Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry with those of fashion designers including Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Commes des Garcon, Hussein Chalayan, Junya Watanabe and Issey Miyake reveal that the disciplines have much in common. Architects and fashion designers have been speaking the same language for a long time.;-P

Thanks for visiting my blog page. Keep on viewing 'life with sandra' for more updates. With love, SANDRA AZWAN


Exclusively for EH! Magazine July 09 edition.



Price upon request. Contact SANDRA by sandra azwan for more details.

Side view

Front view 1

Front view 2

Back view 1

Back view 2( skirt)

THE NEW FEMINITY’ tells the story of a collection that inspired by world first rotating tower located in dubai that accompanied and expressed through its very own characteristic based on dynamic design. Structured architectural shapes inpire this womenswear story – uncompromising and confident in its linear, controlled execution.
New silhouettes are created to striking effects and become pieces of wearable casual wear. The use of grey (light and dark), black, bronze and silver, create a clearly defined contrast.
A celebration of what’s fresh and the new interpretation of the feminity look and feel.
Futuristic elements and concepts is one of the most important aspect in creating ‘the new feminity’. It’s all about fashion foward and also innovation of shapes and form.
Keep on viewing my blog page for more updates.
-SANDRA by sandra azwan-


What are you currently listen to? My fave....

Renee Olsted

Sarah Brightman

Taylor Swift




Facing reality of life......

Hello....first of all, I don’t like discrimination in the name of 'fashion' ( I’m talking about Malaysian fashion scene) especially when it refers to the next generations in fashion based on their experiences and so on. Being a young designer is a whole lot new experience that worth a thousand miles and I’m completely happy to be part of this interesting and amazing journey and at the same time I’m proud of myself, the way I am now. All of my family members were just like so ‘into it’ and it given me strength and confidence to pursue my dreams. May god bless u all. Amin.

When we talk about discrimination in fashion, this kind of thing would be something that sounds a bit controversy and for me-it shouldn’t happen! Being a ‘fashion designer’ in Malaysia, would be something like a ‘joke’ and something like it can never happen to you. It’s only a dreams and it’s hard for you to make it real. Is it true, Sandra? Well, I’m going to say that......only a blind man can make that statement and stuff. This kind of perception is absolutely annoying and totally stupid. (Sorry for those words!) But it’s true babe.

When you really get involved in it, by then you will understand what I’m saying. Even though I’m a full time student in MARA University of technology (known as UiTM) back in Shah Alam and I’m also a fashion observer plus thinker ( based on my very own point of view) there is something wrong with this ‘dog-eat-dog world’. Something that you might say it’s normal, but the truth is it’s not! That’s the reason why I would like to share my ‘point of view’ about our very own ‘Fashion Scene’ here in Malaysia. I’m not a super-talented young designer, but I’m totally great at realizing my dreams and my goals toward something that I’m in love with. I don’t care about people saying something bad to me, maybe it’s the nature of the person. Who care’s!

In 2007, I’ve been selected to be one of the finalist of Malaysia International fashion Awards ( known as MIFA8) This would be my greatest achievement ever cause’ I’m under graduate student ( doing my first Diploma in fashion) It feels like a dreams come true to me. I’ve been dreaming about this competition and finally I’m part of it. For me, being one of the MIFA8 would be like you are one of the CFDA (The Council of Fashion Designers of America) finalist. In this competition, I learn a lot and at some points I feel like I’ve been wasting my time, my energy and everything. I just don’t geddit’!

For your information, I’ve been working like hell to make sure that my creations is in good condition. I’ve been pouring my ideas and every single thing that can make it looks good on the runway, but some people just don’t get it! They just don’t understand what I’m doing. Can you believe it? It just so sad. Completely sad! Well, what can I say....that ‘so called fashion people’ just did! The truth is, I’m not working for you and there is nothing to say. At least, I’m happy with what I’m doing! I would like to add that, this is all about politics and stuff!. Done.

Let’s go back to the main point.

Reading a fashion magazine is a must for me. When you get involved in this fashion world, you must really understand the purpose of it. This is because you don’t want to be labeled as a dumb designer or a fake designer and also such a ‘poser’ designer isn’t?
‘Sandra, what do you think of fashion magazines in Malaysia?’ Is it important to you?

Well, I’m going to say that certain magazines can gives different impact to the readers itself. Depends on the target market and also range of social background and lifestyle. For the very first time in my life, I’m going to banned this fashion magazines ( made in Malaysia) it’s all because of the person that involved with the magazines is totally crazy. This kind of people, they were just like ‘drown’ by the glamorous that it brings. There is nothing wrong with it, but when you feels like you're one of the important people in this industries, it really can make you turn into a monster . I’m not talking about the devil wears Prada; I’m talking about the devil wears ‘selipar’!

When you want to talk about something that u might feels like it’s your nature, make sure you really put in your heart and your soul into it and try to understand it deeply in your heart. Don’t just say it without understand it wholeheartedly cause’ it can make you looks stupid! Furthermore, make sure that you have the qualifications and credibility to talk about certain things especially in fashion. If you don’t have the criteria that I’ve been mentioned earlier, just shut-up! If you don’t know nothing about it, how can you easily say’s this and that? The truth is, you were just like a ‘poser’-‘ so called fashion people!

Now days, our fashion scene were just like fulfilled with this ‘so called fashion people’ plus ‘so called socialite’. It’s mushrooming all over the years. If I had a chance to do something to this groups of people, I’m going to say ‘do support Malaysian young designers’ as simple as that. There is nothing wrong when you were addicted to Louis Vuitton , Prada, Christian Dior, Burberry, Hermes, Versace and so on. It just like, here...at least in Malaysia, we do have multi -talented young designers that can really makes Malaysian proud! Hatta Dolmat, Rizman Ruzaini, Hazwani Osman, Zery Zamry, Nik Erwan Roselli and lot’s more up and coming designers were just like mushrooming all over the years. In order to realizing their everlasting dreams, this group of people must really look-up to these young generations of our very own fashion scene.

If you have any suggestion , feel free to add on your comments. I really appreciate it. Thanks for reading.
Until next time,
live joyfully!

With love, Sandra.


You're the inspiration! A must-have DVD! by David Foster

Hello.......apa yang membuatkan aku untuk membeli dan mendengar lagu2 David foster nie -it's all because of Charice! Charice?
Who is Charice Pempengco? Let me answer that question......
Charice Pampengco is a young Filipina singer who became a singing sensation through YouTube.
Little girl turn into a big singin' sensation!
Although born with her awesome talents, Charice has to work very hard to get to where she is today.

Before the YouTube spotlight, she has been joinin' singin' contests since the age of seven, she became widely known when she was 12 years old when she placed third in 2005 "Little Big Star", a singin' contest in the Philippines.
She's totally amazing with her very own incredible voice range!
Pada malam concert David Foster and friends, si Charice nie singin' 'I have nothin' + I will always love you'.......Incredible performances by Charice!

Wallah.......just amazing!

For more information about this little girl with big voice, cube la try check kat YouTube!
You will be amazed by her super-duper big talent! Aku rase macam agak terlewat untuk mengenali si Charice nie....but it's okay!

The one and only, Charice Pampengco! 1000 star 4 you!

Charice sebelum nie pernah perform dekat Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres dan banyak lagi..........Dalam laptop aku nie, dah penuh dengan video2 charice nie......
Budak kechik nie( sweet 16) memang makin' me crazy! Mase Charice selesai nyanyi, all of the audiences memberikan ‘Standing Ovation’ dekat budak kechik nie....penyanyi hebat yg lain pun bukan senang dan belum tentu dapat 'Standing Ovation' dari penonton kat situ....
Kalau persembahan ‘meletop’ baru dieorang akan bangun! Kalau tidak, sorry la......
Kesian, Renee pun tak dapat ‘Standing Ovation! Maybe lagu tu simple sgt kot...... Dalam DVD nie, disertakan sekali CD...boley dengar dalam kereta! Tapi, ade certain lagu yang takde dalam CD tu......Selain Charice, Renee Olstead punye performances pun best!

Tersenyum riang! Ade makne tu Si Charice oii......

Renee singin'...'Through the fire'...satu lagi persembahan yang menakjubkan from this 18 years old girl! FYI, aku tak habis2 mengulang lagu Renee nie( sebenarnye lagu Chaka Khan).........tak jemu langsung mendengarnye!! Bila dengar lagu yang Renee nyanyi nie, memang sexy habis...lagu yang sexy! Yeah, that’s the word.....Lagu2 yang lain pun best-best jugak!Untuk merasai apa yang aku rasa, u guys should have this album! Now....

Through the fire.......
(I'm in love with the lyrics)

I look in your eyes and I can see
We've loved so dangerously
You're not trusting your heart to anyone
You tell me you're gonna play it smart
We're through before we start
But I believe that we've only just begun
When it's this good, there's no saying no
I want you so, Im ready to go
Through the fire To the limit,
to the wall
For a chance to be with you
I'd gladly risk it all
Through the fire
Through whatever, come what may
For a chance at loving you
I'd take it all the way
Right down to the wire
Even through the fire
I know youre afraid of what you feel
You still need time to heal
And I can help if youll only let me try
You touch me and something in me knew
What I could have with you
Well Im not ready to kiss that dream goodbye
When its this sweet, theres no saying no
I need you so, Im ready to go
Through the fire, to the limitThrough the fire, through whateverThrough the fire, to the limitThrough the fire, through whatever

DVD content:
Act I

1. Andre Agassi Intro
2. St Elmo’s Love Theme(Kenny G.)
3. Can’t Help Falling In Love(David Foster)
4. Beauty/Man In Motion(Michael Johns)
5. Mornin’/After The Love Has Gone(Brian McKnight)
6. Video(Barbra Streisand)
7. Somewhere(Katharine McPhee)
8. Through The Fire(Renee Olstead)
9. Got To Be Real(Cheryl Lynn)
10. Wildflower(Blake Shelton)
11. Video(Urban Cowboy)
12. Love Look What You’ve Done(Boz Skaggs)
13. Jo Jo(Boz Skaggs)
14. Chocolate Legs(Eric Benet)
15. Hard To Say I’m Sorry/You’re The Inspiration/Glory Of Love(Peter Cetera)
16. Amapola(Andrea Bocelli)
17. Because We Believe(Andrea Bocelli)
18. The Prayer(Andrea Bocelli and Katharine McPhee)
Act II

1. Asturias(William Joseph)
2. Video-Because You Loved Me(Celine Dion and David Foster)
3. I Swear(Babyface and Kevon)
4. Feeling Good(Michael Buble)
5. Home(Michael Buble and Blake Shelton)
6. Save The Last Dance(Michael Buble)
7. Video-Bodyguard w/Kevin Costner
8. I Have Nothing/I Will Always Love You(Charice)
9. Alla Luce del Sole(Josh Groban)
10. Bridge Over Troubled Water(Josh Groban with Brian McKnight)
11. You Raise Me Up(Josh Groban)
12. Got To Be Real(All)

p/s: my pick!


Bukit Cerakah + Tekala River = Unforgetable moments

I always felt that the great high privilege, relief and comfort of friendship was that one had to explain nothing.

Hello guyz, first of all I would like to thank for viewing ‘Life With Sandra’ my very own blog page.....thanks a lot for your support and whatever la......
Do support Malaysian Young Designer! Peace..;-P
Now days, people love to share somethin’ with someone else..........(agree?)
It depends on the person itself on how to do it a.k.a on how to make it work.

Generally, I’m quite excited about blogging and stuff, it makes me feel like sharing is everything. Let say, you just bought a very expensive leather jacket and you would die for it. Then, to make it more huha-huha ( think Kimora-Life In The Fab lane) you write something about your most expensive leather jacket like ;
“Hello.....FYI, I just bought a very nice HERMES jacket cost about somethin’ K and i like it so much....even though it might sound a bit membazir, but I’m happy for it cause I have all the money in the world and it’s up to me to buy whatever I’m in love with......FYI, I’m totally into HERMES! ”

Some people, they think that this kind of feelings were just like so ‘showing-off’ kind of thing! Well, the truth is I don’t have any problem in dealing with this kind of ‘self-expression’ because I felt absolutely happy for him/her (at least she/her got the money la to buy certain things ( expensive one) in their life, cause’ they’ve been workin’ like HELL isn’t?
So what?

Maybe in the next 2 or 3 years from now you can have whatever you wish for just like the person that I’ve been mentioned earlier. The truth is, I don’t think that you can have that kind of HERMES jacket tu......It’s so dammed expensive! Nak beli pun kene piker berpuluh-puluh kali....It’s okay if you’re one of the Paris Hilton family members! If not, keep on dreamin’ ( Usaha+doa) cause’ it might happens in your life....Who knows?

“bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian”

Okay, let’s back to the real world.....

Last weekend, I’m havin’ so much fun with my friends. All of them were just like completely crazy with their very own kind of characteristic and stuff. The year 2003 is the beginning of everything. I really enjoyed the moments when we’re in the first semester back in UiTM Sri Iskandar. Lots of tears and laugh plus this and that....every single thing means a lot to me.......

Khalik: Sandra, u nak ikut tak....hari sabtu nie kiteorg nak
pegi jalan-jalan a.k.a trip?
Sandra: Okay jugak....sape lagi yg pegi?
Khalik: Semua budak perak....masa kite part one dulu! Reen
pun ade!
Sandra: Wei, nak pegi...best nye! Tak sabar plak...hehehe

Hari yang ditunggu-tunggu dah tiba!
Seronok gile bile dapat jumpe balik kawan-kawan lama yang dulunye orang tu kutuk orang nie.....orang tu pulak, kutuk die nie, macam –macam .

“A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be”.

Tapi, bila dapat berjumpe balik dalam suasana yang tenang dan damai nie, terasa lain sangat. Rasa macam di zaman part one dulu kat Perak! Seronok.......
First destinasi untuk reunion batch kite org nie, kami memilih untuk ke Bukit Cerakah.
Bukit Cerakah?

Bunyi macam mambosankan kerana tak jauh dari Shah Alam. Aku pun tak pernah masuk pun Bukit Cerakah nie.......Seronok jugak kalau dapat tgk kawasan2 situ.
It takes about 10 minutes from Uitm Shah Alam. Tapi, aku ok je......pegi mana-mana pun aku tak berapa nak kisah sangat. Yg penting dapat jumpe kawan-kawan.....

That’s the most important things than anythin’ else......
Setibanya di Bukit Cerakah, pemandangan pada waktu pagi tu macam biase je...Nothin’ look interesting except all of us la.....Semuanye dress-up nicely. Nak masuk Bukit Cerakah nie kene bayar RM3.

Aktiviti pertama yang kite orang lakukan ialah cycling seawal jam 9.00 pagi dengan tak breakfast!

Yang sebetulnye, aktiviti yang pertama sekali kami lakukan ialah mengambil gambar kat Stesyen Petronas. Masa tu tengah tunggu geng-geng yang lain dengan kereta masing-masing. Itulah aktiviti pertama kami...... ;-)

Kebanyakan dari kami nie seakan-akan seperti gila bergambar!
Apa lagi, Pqa pun mengeluarkan peralatan photo. nye.......Pose babe...;-)

Basikal jenis Mountain Bike disediakan dengan bayaran ; Basikal yang Nampak macam baru sikit RM5 dan yang cam buruk je RM3. Satu jam cycling RM3.

Fashion people.......(dalam pic. nie aku nampak macam 'mat rempit')

Untuk pengetahuan semua, ‘AJK-AJK’ makanan menyediakan breakfast dengan nilai bayaran seorang RM3 sahaja. Pagi tu, masa nak mengayuh basikal, terpaksalah meletakkan bungkusan nasi goreng, puding jagung and tuna sandwich + air kotak perasa teh bunga di dalam beg!

Lebihan makanan + minuman kami just tinggalkan je dekat kaunter ambik basikal tu........mampus la kalau nak bawak segala-galanye sambil mengayuh basikal...tak terbuat dek orang!
Basikal yang kami naik tu takde bakul di depannye( kalau ade bakul pun, buat semak je kot!) so, terpaksa lah angkut sekali beg...sampai lenguh bahu aku dibuatnye!

Naik basikal ramai-ramai memang seronok.Bila dah ramai-ramai tu, tak rasa penat langsung. Muka berpeluh sikit-sikit tu ade la.........

Pqa dengan Ketum tak larat nak mengayuh mountain bike tu, so..die org naik bas! Kat dalam hutan tu ade disediakan bas x bertingkap( mcm kat zoo Negara) untuk pengunjung berhenti dimana-mana check-point yang mereka nak.....

FYI, masa naik mountain bike tu, Ketum telah terjatuh dan mengalami kecederaan yg kecil. Seluar jeans yg die pakai ade kesan koyakan kecil di lutut.
Kesian Ketum! Lain kali, jangan paksa diri...kan dah jatuh......buat orang risau je!

Havin' so much fun in " Rumah 4 Musim"....... freakin' cold!;-P

Dalam diam-diam, disini ade satu tempat yang dinamakan Rumah Empat Musim! R4M? Dalam rumah tu ade musim sejuk-bunga-luruh-panas. Masa aku masuk je dalam rumah 4 musim tu....yang ade hanyalah musim sejuk.Pelik? Kata 4 musim! ;-P

Kakak yang jaga kaunter tu cakap setiap 3 bulan dieorg akan tukar musim yang lain pulak, Nasib kami baik......Musim sejuk, seakan-akan berada di London!
Kawasan di dalamnye tak la besar sangat........Yg tak best nye ade sign " Dilarang memijak Salji"

Yang sebetulnye " dilarang memijak ais ketul"(salji tiruan kononnya)

Meluat aku tgk sign-sign cam gini.........;-p
Khalik and the geng selamba badak je pijak salji-salji keras tu ( secara senyap-senyap) Padan muka kakak tu!;-P
Suasana dalam bilik tu memang sejuk gile....Sampai sakit telinga dibuatnye.... Bayangkanlah dalam bukit cerakah pun ade tempat cam gini.....So weird!
Lepas je keluar dengan badan tergetar-getar, kami pun meneruskan aktiviti yang seterusnye...MAKAN!

With Julia, Pqa, Mell, Syakila and me....;-)

Baru nak breakfast........Sampai kan nasi goreng yang dibalutkan dalam kertas koko tu dah mengikut shape bentuk bungkusan 'origin nasi lemak'.....Yg penting makan nasi goreng dengan keropok memang sedap bangat sih! Tambah kan sedikit sos cili.....
Kami keluar dari Bukit Cerakah dengan perasan yang sangat gembira.......(ayat......)

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.”

Setelah berbincang dengan semua-siap macam gaduh-gaduh nie......kami memutuskan untuk pergi mandi-mandi pulak . Destinasi yang seterusnye ini tak dirancang pada awalnye.....tapi, bila dengar je bunyi air terjun, sungai, mandi- macam best pulak! Destinasi seterusnye Semenyih, Sg.Tekala!Masuk je dalam kawasan perkelahan Sg.Tekala nie kene bayar RM1.

It's mandi time!;-P

Aku tak pernah pun sampai kat sini......kawasan perkelahannye boleh dikatakan agak baik juga la......
Pada awalnye aku macam malas je nak mandi( malas nak tukar seluar) ...tapi, bile tengok Si Ketum, Khalik, Wani,Hanim,Mel and ngan yang lain mandi macam best sakan je dalam air tu...aku terus tukar seluar and terjun ke dalam sungai tu.....Reen pun terus ikut serta mandi.......;-)
Mandi....mandi...and mandi..........ambik gambar......ambik gambar lagi....and done, balik!

Goin' crazy......

Untuk finale reunion kiteorg nie, kami memilih untuk makan kat Shah Alam je...hajat di hati nak makan sate kajang tapi, macam ade yang tak bersetuju.....takpe la!;-P
P/S: Thanks Khalik for inviting me to be part of this trip. Just great!;-)
And also, thanks to all of my lovely friends.......Reen( Persis model), Ketum a.k.a Azsfar,Mell, Hanim, Timah( Thanks sebab bagi pinjam baju hijau tu), Mak Ngah, Aida Yasmin, Farah, Syakilla( tak berbaloi makan sotong goring tepung tu kan?), Pojie( Thanks sebab bagi aku tumpang naik kereta ko)Emma Syaz.( Keep Stronger!)Julia( Bukan main seksi ye ko)Kak Mardiah and Wani. Love ya...;-P
“We do not remember days; we remember moments.”

Thanks to Khalik and P-Qa 4 this lovely pictures!
With love, Sandra......;-)


what's next?

'Nampak tak anak sotong nie, I yang bela..kat belakang rumah I....ade penyu, dolphin and so on...

Hello.....pejam-celik-pejam celik, finally, the year 2009 has come! It just like a blink of an eyes is'nt? Times runnin' fast! There is no more 'masa' for me to play-play..geddit? Setiap saat begitu berharga untuk aku! Masa untuk aku 'bermain-main' it's already over a.k.a tammat! Bukak lah mata sebesar-besarnya untuk melihat da main purpose in life!

Kadang2 kita mungkin sedikit terleka atau terlupa akan janji-janji manis yang ditaburkan setiap kali 'new year'. For me, when you really want to make a changes in your life, you got to remember that it's not only because of da things yang anda mahukan...tapi, ini semua berkenaan dengan tujuan dan hala tuju kehidupan anda in the future. The thruth is, I don't like 'seseorang' yang bercakap bagai nak rak...tapi, when you look at him/her closely, by then you will realise that it's only on the surface.....meaning that luaran nye sahaja yang menampakkan hasilnya........dalamannya, hancus a.k.a zero!

I've got this interesting quote from my Prof. recently saying that (in bahasa) " Goncang-goncang-goncang, bukak the 'penutup' you can only see 'seketul batu'- bunyi bising bagai nak rak, tetapi isinya hanyalah seketul batu! So sad...... Kalau bukak and you can see lot's of stone or somethin' else, oklah jugak kan? So funny la Prof. nie......kepada yang terasa tu, I'm so sorry, I just wanna share this 'lovely' quote with all of my friends in here..hehehe;-)

Ok la.....let us talk about fashion 2009. What is your fashion resolutions for this year? Well, for me it's all about freshen up my whole look from head to toe! The most important thing is your face! Smile more, smile for the sake of it, and laugh...laughter is the best medicine for you and
your 'heart'. That's all!
'Okay puan2, hari ini kita akan membuat resepi baru ye...ayam masak choco! Lovely'

lately, I'm into Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray show! The truth is, it seems to be like I'm addicted to the talk shows la ( BOTH OF IT). Before this, I thought that this kind of 'talking show' might be boring and so on.....but I'm totally wrong! The 'talking shows' was great and best la! U can get lot's of new information's about certain things and it just great! Totally!;-)

Kalau di-compare kan kedua2 show tu, aku lebih kepada Martha Stewart. Bila tengok show perempuan nie kan, semacam terleka sebentar. Bukan nye ape, seronok tengok cara dia handle the show dan yang paling best sekali, cara dia promote her own name's kat show dia! FYI, segala-gala barang yang ada dalam talk show si Martha Stewart nie semuanya miliknye..sampaikan pen, kertas, meja, bunga, ayam, itik, gajah, kambing, lembu, kucing siam dan segala mak nenek semuanye milik nya! Itu tak termasuk ladang itu, ladang ini...artifak itu, artifak ini...segala-galanya la...perempuan ini ADA! Anda semua wajib tengok untuk mempastikan kebenaran nye...hehehe, kelakar la! " feel free to visit my website at Martha Stewart .com" Rasa2 nye la, lebih 30 kali kot dia cakap macam tu.....;-)

Thanks for viewing my blog page! With love, SANDRA;-P


With love......

Inspired by 'World First Rotating Tower'- Dynamic Design! By Sandra......