Fashion VS Architecture.....By Sandra!

My final design sketch. What do ya' think?

Hello....last few days aku memang sibuk bangat! Hari jumaat lepas baru je selesai assessment for my final project. Thank god for everything. I'm completely happy with my design ( and some lecturers + Prof.) and i do hope that i can get a better result. Much more better than i ever expected before. FYI, I've been workin' like hell for that kind of creation........ Lot's of energy been pouring out and lot's of hard work and lot's of money........mengalir seperti air!

Work...work....work. FYI, I have 2 'cop' this table sebelum student2 lain gune..hehehe

Ape yang penting sekali ialah, segala-galanya teramat berbaloi and aku teramatlah berpuas hati with my work.huhuhu.....Semangat seperti itulah yang selama ini menjadi teman setia aku. It's all about passion for fashion.........satisfaction, guarantee!
Here, i would like to share with all of you, some pictures during 'the making up' ........

Keadaan bengkel yang menakutkan...hehehe

For this creation, i'm thinkin' about something sculptured + structured. It's all about fashion vs architecture from my perspective of fashion and also from my artistic value. I've been inspired by the world first rotating tower( located in Dubai)......the first ever building that can rotate 360' and it takes about 1 to 3 hours to make a complete rotation( Da real building, still under construction-completed in 2010).

'TUAL' yang sudah siap......Phew! Front view.....

Amazing right? And also, this amazing building can generate electricity for itself using the 'wind turbines' inside the building la......For this creation, I'm using soft denim-(structured fabric) and also draping technique. For the color, I'm playing with Grey -gradient color!You wanna' see it? Let's check it out! Dare to wear?

I'm in love with 'da lines' It's all about creating 'new wave'..Geddit'?

Untuk mendapatkan hasil yang seperti ini, I'm using 2 different types of fabric....and i'm using both side of it!

Back view......

Side view.....

p/s: Pic. masa assessment tu still under construction lagi and some of my illustrations . So, rajin2 la visit my blog page ya....thanks,hehehe