Fashion & Surrealism: Fashion Illustration by SANDRA

The romance between fashion and the Surrealist movement began in the early 20's when the movement broke away from the written word to embrace objects. The appeal of Surrealism to the fashion industry is instantly obvious in their use of ordinary everyday objects and weird landscapes that transferred easily to fabric printing, jewellery, hats, couture etc, allowing designers the freedom to create “art pieces”, and this fascination worked both ways as what covered the body had always been important to the Surrealist philosophy, in the way that it allowed the imagination to wonder what lay underneath, and this translated easily into wearable garments. All of the Fashion Illustration showed were exclusively made for EH! Magazine. Get a copy of EH! now....... For the next month-Jun, it's all about "Designer watches challenge handbags as the must-have fashion accessory" it's goin' to be a blast!

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anne said...

luv your illustration mmg great! luv it lah!