Fashion VS Architecture.....By Sandra!

My final design sketch. What do ya' think?

Hello....last few days aku memang sibuk bangat! Hari jumaat lepas baru je selesai assessment for my final project. Thank god for everything. I'm completely happy with my design ( and some lecturers + Prof.) and i do hope that i can get a better result. Much more better than i ever expected before. FYI, I've been workin' like hell for that kind of creation........ Lot's of energy been pouring out and lot's of hard work and lot's of money........mengalir seperti air!

Work...work....work. FYI, I have 2 'cop' this table sebelum student2 lain gune..hehehe

Ape yang penting sekali ialah, segala-galanya teramat berbaloi and aku teramatlah berpuas hati with my work.huhuhu.....Semangat seperti itulah yang selama ini menjadi teman setia aku. It's all about passion for fashion.........satisfaction, guarantee!
Here, i would like to share with all of you, some pictures during 'the making up' ........

Keadaan bengkel yang menakutkan...hehehe

For this creation, i'm thinkin' about something sculptured + structured. It's all about fashion vs architecture from my perspective of fashion and also from my artistic value. I've been inspired by the world first rotating tower( located in Dubai)......the first ever building that can rotate 360' and it takes about 1 to 3 hours to make a complete rotation( Da real building, still under construction-completed in 2010).

'TUAL' yang sudah siap......Phew! Front view.....

Amazing right? And also, this amazing building can generate electricity for itself using the 'wind turbines' inside the building la......For this creation, I'm using soft denim-(structured fabric) and also draping technique. For the color, I'm playing with Grey -gradient color!You wanna' see it? Let's check it out! Dare to wear?

I'm in love with 'da lines' It's all about creating 'new wave'..Geddit'?

Untuk mendapatkan hasil yang seperti ini, I'm using 2 different types of fabric....and i'm using both side of it!

Back view......

Side view.....

p/s: Pic. masa assessment tu still under construction lagi and some of my illustrations . So, rajin2 la visit my blog page ya....thanks,hehehe


I'm in love with Strawberry......

Spendin' 3 days 2 night in this kind of apartment.....but it nice anyway! Just nice....

Hello people........here, I would like to share with all of you some pictures & also my- point of view from my recent trip to Cameron Highlands. I'm havin' so much fun with all of my good friends plus lecturers- there....Thank god! Even though we're havin' so much fun doin' whatever we're in love with, there is something wrong la........the truth is, I just don't understand 'the management issues'. U guys should handle those thing clearly before deliver it. It seems to be completely crazy+what da' he** you know. It's not about u have to 'bersyukur' or whatever, it's about satisfaction and the way you handle somethin'...u guys should make it perfect in order to make people respect you...isn't? Just think about it...... However, there is good reason why i need to join this kind of trip, It's all about makin' new friends ( ade yg aku tak kenal-masa kat school) and at the same time, get to know each other( mengeratkan silaturrahim sesama kawan2-ewah ayat!!) and it just totally great.

Khalik: Lord, i'm so sleepy la......i need both of you to get out from this tiny room...please!! I'm beggin' u....
Din: No way.....i'm not leavin' this room! This is mine!......what is this? Milk? (in red sweater)
Angah: Both of you...Shut-up!! ( in black t-shirt)

FYI, all of us( 18 boys) we're stayin' in an apartment with 3 rooms. It's all about 'concept of sharing' u know....... There is no more 'privacy' in Cameron! When the 'management people' told us that we need to share the apartment( when we just arrived), we were just like lookin' at each other with no words. Whatever la......kongsi pun ok jugak kan( it sounds like 'nada x puas hati?)

The first night were just like a disaster for me. U know why? It's all about the 'air condition' la- it's totally freakin' cold. I've already mentioned that, I'm callin' this kind of trip as a 'not so cold' trip. The truth is......it's fuckin' cold. I'm freezin' that night.....just like a frozen hot dog! First night in Cameron, thanks to Adly....our very own 'Chef of the night' with his 'bihun goreng'( the thruth is, it doesnt look like bihun goreng cause' it's already hancur.....dengan kata lain-bihun lenyek-huhu, just kiddin') and 'fresh Coleslaw' with strawberry tea!!- FYI, The food taste great though!

One of the ingredients......'Self-plucking tomatoes'

The funny part would be the 'tepung tawar' ceremony la....all of our face were just like a -'fashion victims' ( to much make-up on the face!) FYI, this would be my second 'tepung tawar ceremony' - the first one would be when I'm in Uitm, Sri Iskandar-Perak. Junior Student!
Then, here...for the second time ritual! The truth is, I'm sick of it! Enough is enough........It's already 'lapok' things to do!! We don't have to use this kind of 'lapok' things lagi kan? In my opinions la, we need to get rid of this kind of stupid ritual...it doesn't makin' any kind of sense. FYI, I'm goin' to get rid of this kind of ritual for the next semester and 'someone' just agree with me! huhu

: I need somethin' different. Somethin' new and fresh.....no need to 'tepung the tawar' lagi!! look
for somethin' else...thats all!

Sandra: It will be my pleasure.......

The 'red team' With Angah!

I'm havin' a bad-face day! This picture taken right after the 'Tepung tawar' ritual! With Irfan.....

laughing out loud......

When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares. Whatever...

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. Thanks to A A D for this lovely picture!

With love, Sandra.......Thanks for viewing my blog page!( Keep on viewing!!);-)



Cameron Highlands......it's all about tea isn't?

Hello people.........its not too late kan to wish all of you" Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir& Batin. We still in the month of Syawal right? Well...... in the last few days, I've got so many things to handle and at the same time all of my assignment must be completed during that kind of peak la....so, I've got so limited time in doin' things that I'm in love with.......Blogging!
From this moment, I'm back on track and ready to rock on the world, hehehe...... This weekend, I'm goin' to 'not so cold' vacation-Cameron Highlands ( for 3 days only) with the rest of fashion students from uitm and some lecturers. Even though we're in the month of examination, assessment and stuff, but we still got time to do all this thing, quite unbelievable isn't? Well, it's happen in here, last minute kind of trip, whatever la......at least I'm takin' part in this kind of reunion you know.......showing that we're supporting each other and you know, like a big family!! So, if you like it or not, u just have to deal with it...that's all!
I would like to describe this kind of trip as a 'rest trip' for me la cause I'm totally need some kind of vacation and somethin' like that to relaxing my body and my so called precious mind+brain!;-) I'm hoping that this 'not so cold' trip would be great and I just want to have some fun with my new friends. With love, Sandra......


lagi berapa hari je lagi...........

Gambar sekadar hiasan.

Hello people......there is a lot of things to do in this month. First of all.....puasa la! Then, make sure that all of the assignment siap before date line....I'm havin' problem with this one la.......dateline!! I hate it.....but, there is nothing to say....u just have to do it Sandra...just stop complaining about it. Just DO IT...its your job ma !! Phew.....it seems to be completely exhausted la.....Well...whatever! The most important thing in here is, aku memang tak sabar nak balik celebrate raya with my family members back in SG.PETANI, KEDAH! This year, aku celebrate raya disana. It's been a while la aku tak balik sana jenguk all of my old friends, sedara-mara and sesiapa sahaja yang kenal aku kat sana.....teruk kan aku? At least aku balik jugak setelah sekian lama kan? Ramai kawan2 lama yang selalu 'talk about me' and what i'm doin'in kl.......you know, those thing la......bila pikir2 balik, rindu jugak la aku dengan suasana kat sana. Ticket bas sudah dibeli ( rm41) mahal kan?.....i just have to wait je for the time to arrived. Then, its goin' to be completely crazy...hehehe
With love, Sandra



My latest fashion illustration...........

P/S: My new/latest fashion illustration for EH magazine-October/08 edition. So, what do ya' think?


Selamat Berpuasa


Finally, it's over.......

Look at what I'm wearing. An orange sweater from SPRINGFIELDS ( Pavilion). Nice kan? Huhu

Hello people.....what a beautiful day. Finally, it's over baby.......and at the same time I'm feelin' so free and it seems to be like I'm flying you know......flying all over the places with my cute little wings and suddenly.........Lord, it's only a dreams, but dreams do come true isn’t? You just have to believe it. That's all.......Ok la, let's go straight to the point. I'm havin' so much fun la last Sunday night. For the very first time, it's such an honored for me to be part of the team for Gangstarz-TV3. (Sekarang baru aku tahu macam mane TV3 handle those kind of thing-huru hara jugak dibuatnya!)

In the Melawati Stadium, ShahAlam........for the final rehearsal.

Here, I would like to thank Mr.Faizal for givin' me this opportunity and thankfully, it's workin' and totally great + amazing. Being Mr.Faizal personal assistant seems to be completely great for me. Seronok gile workin' for Mr.Faizal. He's such a great 'Boss'.I have enjoyed every single day workin' with him. The most important thing in here is , I do learn a lot from him and at the same time he's the one that really inspired me to be better in the future and so on la. When you look at Mr.Faizal in details, he's such a perfectionist.Julian adds, "It was so weird...totally". Frantically, there is nothing wrong with it. "Everything must be perfect Sandra......think about it first and you just have to make it work". That's all.....

With my new sunglasses-from ZARA( Pavilion)

Pejam-celik-pejam celik, berakhirnya sudah konsert Gangstarz 2008-TV3. Phew...sampai sekarang, penat tu still terasa. Tapi, bila tengok balik aksi all of the contestant malam concert tu kan, terasa rindu plak saat-saat manis bersama dengan dieorang. Ala, sedih la plak mengenangkan group yang tak menang malam tu kan? Aku rasa pelik sangat dengan TV3. TV3, cukuplah dengan mainan politic anda. Aku sudah jemu dengan lakonan ini semua. Membuang masa sahaja. Malam tu kan, sepatutnya group yang lain sepatutnya menjadi juara Gangstarz,tv3. Tapi, mengapa One Nation Emcees dipilih menjadi pemenang? Competition ini seharusya mencari the best vocal group in Asia.

D'Reborn......seharusnya kalian yang menjadi juaranya...Just so sad!

Why One Nation Emcees? Bukannya One Nation Emcees nie tak boleh menyanyi tapi, group nie lebih kepada 'dancing all around the stage and doin' those kind of rapping thing la'.......it's not about vocally la....I’m so sorry to say that D'Reborn and Akasia is better than you( secara vocally la) Vocal group nie jauh lebih better dari group anda. Group One Nation Emcees nie full with energy tapi, belum sampai lagi satu tahap untuk menjadi group yang bagus dari segala aspect yang dikehendaki.

That night kan, persembahan first Paragon Child macam somethin' wrong! Is it because of Ezelyn? Why Ezelyn? Tak ade artis lain ke yang seharusnya berduet with PC? Lagi satu kan, lagu 'i hi bye bye'tu so 'bye-bye' sangat........huhu

TV3 mentioned yang this competition is about 'finding the best vocal group in Asia right'? I don't think you deserve this award. Ini semua sudah terpesong dari apa yang dikehendaki........It's ashamed la.......Even 3.5 and Paragon Child better than you guys. TV3, you have to take note la.....Jangan sampai orang menyampah dengan reality show nie sudah........ FYI, D'Raz , 3 Voices and D'Reborn akan membuat sedikit protest mase audition Gangstarz di Indonesia untuk tahun depan. Hehehe.....Kesan D'Raz, menjadi 'mangsa korban' Gangstarz untuk tahun nie......;-(
Poor D’Raz…….

One Nation Emcees.......no komen!

Apa yang menyedihkan disini ialah kesemua group2 nie balik dengan tangan kosong except for the trophy la.......Cha(Akasia) cakap berat trophy tu lebih kurang 25kg. Kesian. Bayangkan lah group dari Indonesia and the Philippines tu......Kesian dieorang. Sepatutnya tv3 bagila sedikit imbuhan buat all of the finalist tu......Aku rase macam all of the contestant tu macam dipergunakan je. Habis sepah, madu dibuang. Just for the sake of 'the concert' je....Betul tak? Cuba korang fikirkan........Kesian bangat tau!

3.5 singin' duet with Lah v.e. 3.5 wearing Nik Erwan's creations.

Okla..berbalik pada styling yang dilakukan pada malam tu, everything seems to be completely polish. In my opinion la, tak akan ada mana2 so called 'stylist' yang dapat menandingi kehebatannya (Mr.Faizal) What did you see? A great styling perhaps? Well....... there is nothing to complain about it. The 'name' say's it all...........Next, I would like to talk about this so called singer ( she's one of the judges that night- sittin' next to Ajai) Menyampah aku dengan kenyataan yang dibuat oleh seorang yang so called penyanyi nie memberi komen yang tak membina langsung. What is wrong with her? Hello, look at what she's wearing. A sleeveless pink( color scheme 'anak BAB 1'- geddit?) turtle neck with skirt and a bit of pink ribbon at the waist. Hello......what is that? FYI, I don't think it's glamorous enough.

D'Reborn goin' wild with Dayang Nurfaizah....She's look great. Persembahan yang meninggalkan impak.....

Okla, you wanna' act like you knows every thing kan? Don't do that...it makes you look so stupid!. If you don't know anythin' about it ( Fashion), don't you dare to act like engkau mengetahui segala-galanya. That night kan, she's so annoying la......I just don't understand what's wrong with her. Even all of the contestant pun macam tu jugak. Cukuplah kalau engkau menyentuh pasal vocal and so on.....enggak perlu sentuh bab2 fashion nie.....Cerminlah diri anda dahulu!

Persembahan Akasia malam itu tidak menghampakan. Good job girls...... FYI, mase nak siapkan Akasia untuk second number nie, BLACK-OUT sekejap kat backstage!! Panic...panic.....Thank god, semuanya berjalan dengan lancar.........

Ayat die malam tu yang still lagi berdesing dekat telinga aku is....."You all kan, tak nampak macam artist and pakaian you all tak glamour langsung". Tak cukup glamorous? Tak macam artist? Jawapannya tau tak ape kalau aku ketemu sama ‘Jebon’ nie? Jawapannya ialah, simple je...'KEPALA HOTAK ENGKAU!! Best tak jawapan aku tu......hehehe, jangan marah.... Kita sebagai manusia berhak meluahkan apa yang tersirat dihati ini......is it right? Well, what can you expect? Even when she's wearing Dior, it looks like she's wearing Cior( Petaling Street-brand)Lagi satu kan, boleh tak die suruh Mimi buang 'fur' yang kami ‘style’ kan untuk Mimi tu..... She's so out of fashion!
The crowd goin' crazy......

Cuba you all tengok styling Louis Vuitton 2008-09. Just the same look we create for Mimi.......... Inspired from that trend la! Ala, kalau perempuan tu pakai a 24K fur , Fendi golden Persian lamb-jacket and mink coat pun still nampak macam die letakkan gumpalan bulu ‘Jebon’ dekat badan die...hahaha, so funny!! It doesn’t stand out pun......Apa yang penting disini kan, I'm havin so much fun la...tak tercakap and tergambar perasaan aku selama lebih kurang 4 bulan workin' with all of them. Congratulations to One Nation Emcees and also to all of you. In my sweet little heart, all of you is the winner. That's all, with love, Sandra Azwan.

Ish..ish....ish......tengok, kan dah tercucuk paku....

P/S: For m0re information and details about Gangstarz08-TV3, feel free to visit


'I nak yang bling-bling tau'.

Hi......tak sabar pulak rasanya nak menghadapi Concert Final Gangstarz-TV3 di Stadium Melawati, ShahAlam. Aku nie bercerita macam la aku nie one of the finalist. But who knows? Maybe, nanti aku akan join this kind of competition. Well, you just have to wait and see the result la ye.... FYI, aku suka la jugak menyanyi. Nak kata suara tu sedap, no komen la...setakat sedap untuk di dengar tu adela. Hehehe, berangan la pulak si Sandra nie.....huhuhu.
Yang penting, masa konsert akhir nie, styling pada malam tu gerenti meletop habis. Bukan bermaksud styling yang dibuat untuk konsert sebelum2 nie tak kren, cume untuk yang grand final nie pastinya KREN BANGAT+MELETOP HABIS+AMAZING+GREAT+INCREDIBLE+AWESOME= FANTASTIC.
Berhempas pulas aku with my boss (Mr.Faizal) untuk 'pull the best look' for each one of the groups.
Bila tersenarai akhir untuk menjadi finalist gangstarz nie kan, pelbagai request telah kami terima dari kump.2 ini. Ayat first yang terpacul keluar dari mulut dieorg nie is 'kami mahu yang paling kren a.k.a grand!! Well, we know la how to deal with this kind of situation. Korang semua tak perlu khuatir. Kami semestinya tak akan 'memperdajalkan'( dipetik dari seseorang) korang dengan outfit2 yang tak masuk akal. Percayalah, it's goin to be amazing. Kadang2 kan, kump.2 nie terlalu risau akan outfit yang akan dieorg pakai masa final nanti.
FYI, aku and Mr.Faizal sudah melakukan research sebulan awal just for the grand final. Idea tu memang sudah ada dalam minda kami. So, enggak perlu risau. Cuba korang teka, warna yang menjadi pilihan kump.2 nie untuk final nanti? Well, banyak request yang kami terima mahukan warna like silver with bling2, golden and warna2 yang terang. Kalau semua group meggunakan warna yang same, tak ke boring. Please la.....kite tahu la kan, warna2 sebegitu seperti menarik perhatian orang ramai dan semestinya menarik perhatian 'lighting' mase kat dalam stadium tu nanti.
Tak semestinya kite perlu mrnggunakan those colour for the sake of ' konsert akhir'..... kalau konsert akhir je semua nak bling2 la, warna emas pancaran seribu la.....huhu. Tapi, yang pastinya, warna2 seperti hitam, merah, purple tak akan dilupakan. Kita akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk menyerlahkan each groups. So, kalau pakaian dah cantik, performances macam 'tut' tak menjadi jugak kan? So, korang semua ( the contestant la) all of you, you must make it work no matter how you do it. Kalau tidak, buang mase je korang jadi finalist for Gangstarz. That's all......with love, Sandra.


Concert charity Gangstarz-TV3.......

With Miss Marini. She's lovely.....

Hello.......I'm havin' so much fun last sunday night at the MBSA. All of the performances were quite good and at the same time you can feel 'the debaran' yang menyelubungi all of the contestants. Malam tu jugak sempat la aku menyiapkan Ayu from D'Raz dengan mengenakan a very nice black halter dress with silver detail at the empire. Bila aku tengok wajah Ayu, Rio and Zul.....terbayang wajah sedih mereka. Walaupun tidak menampakkan wajah yang didalam kesedihan....tapi, aku tahu bahawa hati kecil mereka mengangis. Poor D'Raz......Ayu sendiri bilang sama aku bahawa mereka menjadi mangsa korban tv3. Menjadi mangsa keadaan. Banyakkan bersabar ya.....mungkin ada hikmah disebalik apa yang telah berlaku kepada kalian semua. And i would like to thank you for givin' me the 'blue thing' ya...thanks a lot. Jumpe kalian semua di Final Gangstarz- 24.08.2008 di Stadium Melawati, ShahAlam. For more information about Gangstarz, simply visit http://www.tv3.com.my/gangstarz for more details and update. Thanks....bye. With love, Sandra.


Periuk Nasi D'Raz Dicuri Orang?

Ha...Type Sandra...type.....type la sepuas hati ko......

Hello semua.........it's been a while kan? Bayangkanlah, tak ada masa nak duduk menghadap laptop nie and then type something about what's happen' in my life...... ( rasa macam rugi pulak tak dapat nak share something with all of you) Biaselahkan..I'm always on the run! Bz all the time doin' somethin' that seems to be completely precious and unbelievable( for me la) Oklah, semenjak dua menjak nie aku memang bz giler with..... first of all, urusan di Universiti then with my tight schedule and of course with Gangstarz! Walau bagaimanapun, every little things is under control. The key words here is, you just have to deal with it no matter how you solve the problems or whatever......just deal with it or you will die...or you will be a dead duck? Seriously, i don't want to be like a dead duck....it makes me feel sick! For god sake, i don't have a choice...hehehe. What the hell i'm thinkin' about....yeah, the same old things!! Whatever.....;-)

Amazingly, D'Raz from Indonesia.......

Last sunday night were just like a disaster for me. For god sake, how can D' Raz from Indonesia is not one of the top 5( supposed 4 only) finalist for Gangstarz? I just don't understand. Then, masa diumumkan yang D'Raz terkeluar tu aku rasa macam nak pengsan. FYI, semua group kami sokong dengan jayanya tapi, group D'Raz from Indonesia nie cam 'close' sikit dengan kami and kami rasa dieorang nie memang berbakat then how boleh tak dapat ke final.........yang tak sepatutnya dapat tempat pulak? It's totally weird! Is it some kind of a joke or something? Hello......for me la, aku rasa D'Raz berhak mendapat tempat untuk mara ke final. Tapi, sayang sekali......kemunculan mereka di Gangstarz seakan-akan hanya sebagai untuk mengisi kekosongan yang ada. Bak kata mama aku hanya sebagai 'kambing hitam'...tak patut wo....!Bagaimanakah perkara ini boleh terjadi? Berkemungkinan besar tak ramai yang vote untuk D'Raz atau politik tv semata-mata or something else? Well, sebagai salah seorang pemerhati yang hebat, I think it's all about politik la......politik itu, politik ini!
"kenapa tak masukkan group 'tut'......masukkan sekarang jugak...I tak peduli! yang penting I nak group tu masuk final" ( I a.k.a anak jebon)

Nowdays, kat mana2 pun segala perkara telah diambil alih oleh this kind of 'bullshit perspective'. Tapi, nak buat macam mane? Terpaksalah hadapinya dengan tabah! Nanti, kalau ada masa, kita keluar jalan-jalan sekitar KL. Lupakan perkara-perkara yang telah berlaku.So, D'Raz...kuatkan azam dan matlamat kamu ya. Jangan sedih-sedih lagi! Aku tahu kamu semuanya berbakat(Rio,Zul and Ayu) dan ada group yang sepatutnya tak layak untuk ke final tiba-tiba menjadi layak dan kerana itulah ruang untuk D'Raz telah diambil oleh group itu. Based on the performances last sunday night, ade group yang tak sepatutnya - dapat ke final. Anda fikirkanlah sendiri. How can it be? It's unbeliveable............ with love, Sandra.
*photos courtesy of SHAHZEEQRAFIL photocreative

Amazing...just amazing!
p/s: Tak sabar plak rasanya nak tunjukkan my latest collections kat sini......It's all about fashion vs architecture! I'm into 'Dubai' now......it's goin' to be a blast!! Totally.......SANDRA by sandra azwan.


Just be prepared....Sandra is back!

With my 'Diploma' in Fashion Design- Art & Design.

Hello....finally, impian aku untuk sambung belajar peringkat 'degree level' tercapai jugak akhirnya. Setelah menunggu sekian lamanya, akhirnya surat tawaran yang ditunggu-tunggu selama ini menjengah jugak mail box- back in my house. I'm feeling totally happy and at the same time I'm completely excited to continue back my study in this amazing and exciting field. Thank God for everything. Ini semua berkat doa mama aku yang tak putus-putus mendoakan kejayaan anaknya. ( Aku dah janji nak puasa satu hari dengan mama) Thanks a lot mum. I love you so much.
On my graduation day (masa nak terima Diploma) all of my family members were not there! I'm just alone. All of my friends time tu, dieorang datang bersama-sama dengan family masing-masing. Time tu boleh dikatakan aku nie macam 'sebatang kara' la...so sad. Tapi, nak buat macam mane kan? Time tu la family aku sibuk dengan bermacam-macam 'agenda' mereka yang tidak boleh nak dicancelkan. Aku pun satu, bagi information tentang benda nie last minute. Takpe la mama, Wan tersangat-sangat faham kalau mama ngan babah tak boleh nak datang. Aku ingat Julian datang sebagai wakil la represent my whole family members, time tu pulak Julian told me that he got this kind of 'last minute exam'! What? Ok, whatever.....

'Thanks a lot' Prof.

Masa keluar sahaja dari Dewan Sri Budiman tu, muka aku macam terasa something. Time tu rasa nak mengangis pun ada, nak termuntah pun ada, lapar pun ada. Tapi, bila dipikirkan balik...takpelah, dugaan. Dugaan datang tak mengira waktu dan tempat. Bila-bila masa dia nak datang, tu dia punya hal la kan? Yang penting, masa aku terima 'Degree' nanti ( InsyaAllah), all of my family members wajib datang. Aku akan buat sendiri kad invitation untuk dieorang - untuk sambut aku masa aku keluar sahaja dari Dewan Sri Budiman tu. ( dalam dewan tu hanya dibenarkan 2 orang je masuk) Kalau dieorang tak datang time tu, aku akan telan segulung ijazah yang baru sahaja aku terima tu bulat-bulat. Biarkan aku mati tercekik 'menatang' tu. Baru puas hati aku. Just kidding. Tak kan la aku nak buat macam tu kan? I'm not crazy. Aku still waras. Aku just seronok yang teramat sangat sebab dapat sambung degree.Hehehe.... so high school!
Mesti lepas nie bermacam-macam dugaan akan mendatang pulak.
Tak sabar pulak rasanya menjadi student balik selepas bekerja hampir setengah tahun( lama jugak kan?) At least, aku sudah bersedia menerima segala cabaran dan dugaan yang bakal menjengah diri aku nie. Biasala kan, hidup sebagai student nie tak selalunya indah....... Kalau indah pun, semuanya tuhan yang 'kurniakan'.

With my lovely friends.

Yang penting, aku harap dapat belajar banyak lagi kat ShahAlam nie. Kalau dekat Sri Iskandar aku dapat belajar 'something new' harap-harapnya dekat ShahAlam nie 'something amazing' pulak la rasenya akan keluar dari diri aku nie. For my next collections, it's goin' to be a blast! You just have to wait for it........SANDRA by sandra azwan is back! Just be prepared..........
With love, Sandra.


Every little things is about to change.....Life with Sandra.

With my first creation "An African Savannah" back in 2005." I don't have respect for anyone who doesn't have talent and doesn't work for what they have."

Hello......when i recapture back my very own memory in the past few years, I've been blessed with so many interesting and amazing journey towards becoming what I've been fantasize since childhood. In order to succeed, you just have to follow your dreams and also you have to set up your very own goals. There is a lot of things that you can accomplish regarding on what you want in your life. 'I know what my strengths are more now that I did at another time of my life where I wouldn't have been able to see the other side'. Dreams do come true.
"Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living"-Anais Nin

Price upon request. Contact SANDRA by sandra azwan for more details.

You just have to believe it, in order to see it. You can see things clearly when you put in your heart and your soul into something that you've been dreaming about. "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them". It's happen to me and I'm totally happy to see that sort of things grow deeply in my heart.

We are all creatures of habit - how we think and how we behave every second of every day makes us what we are. Just like I've been mentioned earlier, no matter how clear your goals are, and how carefully you manage your life and whatever, there are going to be times when things do not work out as you hope. But if you can think like a succesful kind of a person, you will be able to bounce back from any failure or dissapointment. You creat more chances to score a goal if you can learn from experiences and keep trying when you have failed. "There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year's course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word 'happy' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness"- Carl Jung

With my ready-to- wear creation " folksy Persian" back in 2006.

When you attempt something and it goes wrong, you may feel hurt, angry or just plain embarrassed. Your 'failure' could be anything - getting sacked, being turned down for something you can never imagined, making mistake or speaking out of turn. Unless you apply positive thinking, there is a real danger that you might slip into a slough of despondency, feeling that there is a little point in carrying on. But do not be discouraged. Try to turn the failure into success by viewing the incident as a chance to learn. "I was never really good at anything except for the ability to learn."

Price upon request. Contact SANDRA by sandra azwan for more details.

Of course, it is not wrong to left off a bit of steam. It is quite normal to feel a sense of loss or frustration when disappointment occurs - especially if it was your fault. You may feel angry with yourself for making foolish mistakes. It is important to release these bad feelings so that you can move on. If possible talk about them to a friend or relative or write them down. You may like to do something physical, like swimming ( just love it) or running, or whatever you feel like you want to do...to help you work off the negative emotions.After that, the most important thing to do is to learn from the experience. Be brutally honest with yourself about what really happened. For your informations (FYI) i've learn so many things in the past few years.

There is a lot of improvement in myself and i can see it now. "I love my past. I love my present. I'm not ashamed of what I've had, and I'm not sad because I have it no longer". Focusing on my passion for fashion - it is absalutely an amazing journey for me. I'm in love with exploring something quite extraordinary and beyond people's imaginations. When you start thinking about it, there is no chance for you to stop. FYI, being one of the Malaysian international fashion award finalist (MIFA8) is one of my biggest achievement so far. "Everything has been figured out, except how to live". With love, Sandra. Thanks for reading.


Bila ade manusia yang tidak berpuas hati.......

Sedang melakukan 'inspection' keatas pakaian2 yang dipakai oleh budak2 gangstarz. Pastikan tidak ade cacat celanya. Kalau tidak.......

Thank God minggu depan takde konsert Gangstarz. Ade la mase aku ngan Mr. Faizal nak berehat-rehat sekejap melepaskan penat yang selalu datang menggila. At least dapat la aku akhirnya tidur awal and bangun dalam pukul berapa yang aku suka...kalau tak, asyik mengantuk je. Memang penat beb buat kerja macam nie. Bayangkanlah, sampai waktu makan pun entah kemana,( time tu tak ingat pun nak makan-sampai lupa nak makan adela....) Tapi, at least I'm happy with what I'm dealing with. Bukan nak mengungkit pasal kerja....biasa la kan, penat....semua orang merasa penat bekerja kan......betul tak? Tak ade kerja dalam dunia nie yang tak penat a.k.a sampai mengeluarkan peluh!! Ok la..... masa kereta Mr. Faizal kite nie kat workshop kan...aku ngan Mr.Faizal cam patah sayap a.k.a macam dah tak ade kaki. Bayangkanlah, time tu kite orang bz gile ngan Gangstarz.....Mr. Faizal pulak bz ngan meeting with all the sponsor and his client. Masa tak ade kereta tu la kite org hired 'budak-budak' untuk tolong kite orang bergerak kesane-kemari ngan kereta 'dieorang'.

Kerja yang paling aku suke..meng'stim' baju.....geddit'? -Kelihatan Mr.Faizal dibelakang, sedang menjahit sesuatu...do i look tired?

Mujurlah 'dieorang nie' sanggup nak tolong kami berdua nie as a driver and dalam kata lain helper a.k.a runner kami. Mr. Faizal nie suruh tolong sebab 'dieorang nie' semua (3 person) ada kenderaan. So, senanglah sikit kami. Kalau tak cuma aku ngan Mr.Faizal jela menguruskan all the contestant punye outfits and angkat2 barang masa sebelum/selepas konsert tu berlangsung. At least tak la penat sangat. Tapi, aku rasela ( Mr.Faizal pun rasa jugak) kalau tak ade 'dieorg nie' pun kami boleh buat keje2 nie ngan senang hati. FYI, Mr. Faizal hired 'dieorg nie' bukannya free tau. Kami bayar 'dieorang'. Duit minyak kenderaan kami bagi, makan kami bagi( mewah jugakla...) , tol kami bayarkan.......tapi, ada something yang tak kene ngan 'dieorg nie' yang menampakkan 'dieorg nie' cam tak berpuas hati ngan ape yang kami berikan. kalau nak diikut kan keje2 tu tak la teruk sangat. ( Terlampau senang)

Sekejap lagi kalau dieorg tak nak pakai belt nie, aku akan ketuk kepale die...hehehe!! Jgn marah..

Ala, setakat bawak baju2 contestant tu sape2 pun sanggup buat kan? Yang penting sekali kat sini ialah pengalaman bekerja dibawah selia'an Mr.Faizal. Kalau kami tak suruh 'dieorg nie' tolong kami pun, mesti berebut 'adik-adik' and 'so on' nak bekerja a.k.a menolong Mr.Faizal and of course aku. Masa awal lagi aku rasa macam something wrong je ngan 'budak2 nie'. Macam ada yang tak kene. Why ar? nak kata Mr. Faizal nie bagi gaji tak cukup ke? Itulah persoalan yang aku nak perkatakan kat sini. Korang ( 'dieorg nie') sepatutnya berterima kasih dan bersyukur dekat Mr. Faizal kerana korang dipilih sendiri oleh dia untuk menolong dia sebab time tu kereta Honda City dia still lagi kat workshop-still under construction!!.

Accessories, SANDRA by sandra azwan. Price upon request.

Kalau korang nak tahu Mr. Faizal sudah berkecil hati ngan korang( 'dieorg nie') Habis la....... Aku pun rasa terkejut.( sebenarnya tak rasa terkejut pun- layak la korang diperlakukan sedemikian) Tak sangka 'korang' punye pemikiran and perangai sampai macam tu sekali. I'm completely sad with your behavior sampai sanggup buat hati Mr. Faizal sedih.( sungguh tidak menyenangkan apabila membuat hati lecturer kita terguris!! Sampai hati korang....) Aku rasa Mr. Faizal tak bersedih pun tapi dia mesti rasa something, betul tak?. Yelah, sampai message korang pun die dah malas nak reply! So, sendiri paham la....... Cuba korang ingat balik....makan bukan main lagi!! Sampai terlebih order. Kalau makan kat McDonald tu tak ingat dunia. Kalau boleh satu McDonald tu korang nak order. Aku bukannya nak mengungkit pasal makan ( rezeki) ke ape ke...tapi, aku tak sangka korang boleh nak mesg.2 Mr. Faizal pasal duit. Siap cakap lagi yang duit Mr.Faizal bagi tu just for duit minyak. Just for duit minyak? Hello...... tak cukup ke apa yang dia dah bagi kat korang tu. Dia bagi duit kat korang hari-hari tau. Maksud kat sini ialah, selepas selesai je bekerja ngan dia, dia hulurkan wang tanda keikhlasan hati dia dekat korang semua.

Sistem yang ternyata berkesan. Sign please...

Yang tak sedap hati nye ialah, korang nak die bagi gaji kat korang beribu ker? Kalau nak di ingatkan balik, apa sahaja yang korang terima tu sangatlah berbaloi. Kalau korang kumpul duit yang dia bagi kat korang tu aku rasa sudah tersangat cukup dari yang sepatutnya....Tak sangka pulak korang tamak sampai ke tahap tu!! Memalukan je.... FYI, teramat la susah untuk korang mendekati seorang insan yang bernama Mr.Faizal. Korang sepatutnya bersyukur dengan apa yang dia beri dekat korang. Korang sepatutnya tidak boleh bersuara jika korang tidak berpuas hati dengan dia. Kalau aku tak berpuas hati dengan Mr. Faizal, aku akan bercakap dengan dia. Kalau aku sendiri ada problem ke apa ke, aku akan cuba untuk mencari ayat yang paling baik untuk aku lontarkan dekat dia. Biasela, kita bekerja kan. Kadang2 tension terlebih. Lagi2 aku nie.....segala benda yang tak kena aku sendiri bertanggungjawab untuk menerangkan dekat dia. Korang ape je..... FYI, sebelum baju2 yang contestant pakai, aku perlu check+ double check baju2 tu dengan terperinci a.k.a CSI. Check kalau2 baju tu terkoyak ke ape ke...kalau selepas konsert baju tu terkoyak,( contestant yg buat) tv3 yang bertanggungjawab diatas kerosakan baju tu. Tapi, bila aku pikir2 balik, Mr.Faizal nie seorang bos yang sangat baik hati and sememangnye baik. Tapi, once korang buat perangai dengan dia, well.....korang ingatlah sendiri. Aku tak tahu nak cakap apa lagi. Apa yang penting kat sini, manusia ada bermacam2 perangai. Lagi satu, setiap apa yang berlaku tu , mesti ada hikmah disebaliknya, hanya Dia sahaja yang Maha mengetahui. Kita yang merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan.......Well, have a good day and remember that whatever u do, just do it with ur heart. With love...Sandra.